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How To Obtain Cozy Sleeping Bag SOD WoW? |Location and Uses!

Sleeping Bag SOD WoW: Did you know that the second phase of SOD is now available, bringing you a new item in World of Warcraft Classic – the Cozy Sleeping Bag SOD? This new item has been added in phase 2 of Season of Discovery. In this phase 2, you have to find the Sleeping Bag SOD and obtain it.

In this article, we will discuss all about the Sleeping Bag SOD WoW and how to get it. If you want to know all about this item, then stay with us in this article. We will give you step-by-step information on how to get WoW Sleeping Bag SOD.

Sleeping Bag SOD WoW

What Is Cozy Sleeping Bag SOD WoW?

The Cozy Sleeping Bag is a SoD phase 2 item in the World of Warcraft Classic. We can also say it’s an XP boost item SoD, which gives a bonus of 3% XP, both in defeating mobs and from quests. It also gives you a stackable experience buff.

It takes one minute to get one stack and three minutes to get three stacks. Even other party members can sleep in your bag even if they didn’t do the Quest chain. And the best part is there are no charges, and you can use it as many times as you want, and Sleeping Bag SOD WoW will not disappear from your bags.

Sleeping Bag SOD WoW

Where To Find The Cozy Sleeping Bag In SOD?

To discover the Cozy Sleeping Bag in World of Warcraft’s (WoW) Season of Discovery, complete these steps:

For Alliance players, go to Westfall and enter the Alexston Farmstead at coordinates 37, 50. To start the quest chain, search the ruins for a clickable object marked Burned-Out Remains.

Horde players need to move south of The Barrens to locate the Burned-Out Remains at 46, 74, which will also start the quest chain.

Sleeping Bag SOD WoW

How To Get Sleeping Bag SOD WoW?

If you want to get the Cozy Sleeping Bag in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery, perform these steps:

Go south of The Barrens to uncover the Burned-Out Remains at 46, 74, which will begin the quest, and the note you found.”

Then complete the challenge by clicking on the bag and the Hastily Rolled-Up Satchel, then turn it in to earn different rewards.

Begin the quest “Scramble,” which will bring you to a Mound of Dirt on the side. Turn in the “Scramble” quest to unlock more items.

Complete the questline, which changes for Horde and Alliance players, to get the Cozy Sleeping Bag WoW. This Sleeping Bag SOD WoW allows you to rest anywhere in the world and gives a boost to experience earned, stacking up to three times.

Sleeping Bag SOD WoW


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