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Arcane Saga Reroll Guide & Tier List 2024

Arcane Saga reroll guide? Arcane Saga is a magical game where players land into the continent of Ortegia. With the best legendary heroes, you can all collect all god powers and win battles. To summon heroes, you must all find the best Arcane Saga tier list too.

After you start the game, it’s also essential to complete the Arcane Saga reroll guide too. The reroll is mandatory in a gacha game like Arcane Saga as you can summon all top heroes to your squad and win battles easily too.

Arcane saga reroll

Arcane Saga Reroll Guide 2024

Arcane saga reroll

Players must clear the campaign level 1-1 and earn gems, currency and crystals to summon legendary heroes. Also 10.hero pieces will get you all legendary heroes in the Arcane Saga game. You can also explore the summon tab and start summoning heroes.

Arcane saga reroll

To complete the Arcane Saga reroll, you must all spend summon tickets and crystals. Top-tier SSR characters and magical units can be unlocked through the summon tickets too.

Arcane saga reroll

After you complete the reroll process in Arcane Saga, you can bind and link your account from the settings tab which is on the top right. And then you can also start your campaign in the Ortegia continent too.

Arcane Saga Tier List – All Units Ranked

Arcane Saga tier list showcases the strongest heroes in the game,

Arcane saga reroll

  • S Tier – Leon, May, Cubie, Europa , Adamant, Felix, Chloe
  • A Tier  – Octavia, Agnea, Valdred, Elisande
  •  B Tier – Vivian, Lua, Dami, Edward
  • C Tier – Brock, Damien, Bariel, Sergei


About Arcane Saga

Arcane Saga is a casual turn-based battle game from YJM games. Battles in Arcane Saga are strategic and you must all form your own party to win battles too. Arcane Saga is an incredible mobile game in the recent times.

Arcane saga redeem Codes

Arcane Saga is a gacha fantasy RPG and all can collect 57 different magical heroes. Arcane Saga players can also get more than 100 spells and equipment along with magic weapons to defeat monsters in the game too.

Explore the Ortegia continent and fight against monsters. Find the god’s shard or otherwise called as moonstones to regain all god powers in the Ortegia world.

This collectible and turn-based strategic RPG game tasks players to unlock characters and form the strongest deck. Use all randomly generated cards and build your powerful decks to defeat opponents of Arcane Saga. PvP battles in Arcane Saga are also very exciting and enthralling too.

You will all collect plenty of rewards in Arcane Saga like gems and currency to upgrade heroes and get new skins and equipment. There are also many stories and chapters in each campaign of Arcane Saga.

Arcane Saga has different elements like fire, wind, lightning and thunder. Heroes can deal fire damage and lightning damage to defeat foes in the magical world. Special skills are also available for all Arcane Saga characters too.


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