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BGMI 3.0 32 Bit APK Direct Download Link

This month, BGMI 3.0 32 Bit APK (Milestone Portable India) will deliver its first fix note after lunch in Quite a while. This patch note is comparable to the PUBG Mobile Global patch note. BGMI 3.0 32 Bit APK carried new elements and customizations to the games in the New Season Update.

BGMI 3.0 32 Bit APK Direct Download Link

BGMI 3.0 32 Bit APK Patch Updates

BGMI 3.0 32 Bit APK is the latest version of the Battle Royale Game Battlegrounds Mobile India, often known as BGMI Mobile. The BGMI 3.0 32-bit APK patch notes update includes a plethora of new features, including Ancient Mode, that will improve the game’s attractiveness.

  • Free Classic Crate Coupons: When you upgrade to BGMI 3.0, you’ll receive two free classic crate coupons.
  • Night Mode: Night Mode is an antique model that was seen in previous editions of BGMI Mobile, and it is making a comeback with new modifications. It will appear more rational this time, and there will be more hardware to deal with the night mode.
  • The Recall Tower is an important feature that allows a deceased teammate to be recalled into the game for one round. The recall tower was removed in the 2.1 update, but it is returning in the 2.3 update and will be available at a variety of locations around the game.
  • Primordial Water: You will find Primordial Water from ancient ruins in your backpack when you initially join the game. You will restore Energy and Health by drinking Primordial Water. It works in the same way as a first-aid kit and should only be used in an emergency.
  • Old Sanctuary: Old Sanctuary is an old mode seen during Pharaoh X-Suit and something near it returning in the game where you might uncover piles of wealth and mythical serpents will be flying ready to move on to safeguard the sanctuary from others, and you should move toward it without completing it.

These are some of the upcoming features that will be seen in the BGMI Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India releases that are presently in beta. This is because the changes mentioned here are already included in the BGMI Beta 3.0 Update.

BGMI 2.9 32 Bit

BGMI 2.3 32 Bit APK Download Direct Link:

Here are a few straightforward methods for downloading and introducing BGMI 3.0 32 Bit APK.

  • Download BGMI Latest apk from the link gave underneath.

Download Link for BGMI 3.0 32 Bit Original APK: Click Here

Download Link for BGMI 3.0 32 Bit Original OBB: Click Here

  • The user does not need to install OBB and must also allow unknown sources from the Device Settings.
  • Install the apk and launch the game after downloading.
  • After finishing the game, you must download the resource pack.
  • Log in with your id and have fun with the game.
  • To simply download and install BGMI 32 bit on your device, follow these simple instructions.
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