BGMI x Dragon Ball Z Collaboration – Date, Rewards, Skins, and More!

BGMI x Dragon Ball Z DBZ Discovery Event 2023 has been announced officially. Here’s all you must know about the brand new exclusive collaboration between BGMI x Dragon Ball Z series in 2023.

BGMI x Dragon Ball Z should have happened in last year 2022 itself. But the impromptu ban has stopped everything. Now it seems that nothing can stop the collaboration Crossover event between BGMI and DBZ in 2023 right now too.

Earlier there were also multiple talks of Dragon Ball Z series collab event with PUBG and PUBG Mobile as well. Right now everything seems to be connected as well.

BGMI x Dragon Ball Z Collaboration – Date, Rewards, Skins, and More! 

BGMI x Dragon Ball Z

The new collaboration between Dragon Ball Z x BGMI is on. The collaboration is expected to take place very soon. All Indian BGMI fans can explore new set of rewards and cosmetics as well.

You can play new Dragon ball events and unlock popular Dragon Ball Z series skins and cosmetics too. The event will be available for so many days and you can also play as some Dragon Ball Z series characters in the world of BGMI too.

BGMI x Dragon Ball Z

You can expect some hugely famous DBZ skins and cosmetics in BGMI like Krillin, Goku, Master Roshi, Vegeta, Gohan, Picolo, Sun Gohan, and more too.

More About Dragon Ball Z x BGMI

The exclusive event date is not announced yet. However with the DBZ association being confirmed with PUBG and PUBG Mobile, you can also expect an official confirmation from the team of BGMI as well as Krafton soon.

The announcement is expected to come very sooner too. BGMI fans can’t wait to witness the majestic DBZ Discovery event collaboration and Crossover event of 2023. Dragon Ball Z x BGMI will also be the biggest Crossover event of 2023 too.

We are expecting an official confirmation from Krafton on their social media pages very sooner than expected. Till the complete all remaining challenges of BGMI too.



That’s all about the Crossover event between Dragon Ball Z x BGMI discovery event 2023 in our ga end. Participate in the event’s challenges and unlock some heavy rewards too. More leaks about the collaboration will officially be updated sooner too.

BGMI is a massive battle royale game and has returned to India after some years. Now, you can all play as you did over the years. BGMI is in some serious talks with some popular games for an association.

The new creative world is also live in BGMI which helps you to showcase your creativity skills too. On the whole, BGMI is an extraordinary game too. You can play it on both Android and iOS devices too.

Is BGMI Free?

Yes, it’s absolutely free for all Indian users and gamers

What kind of game is BGMI?

This is an out and out action and battle shooter game. You have to fight against 99 players and win the sole survivor title too. You get skins, guns, and cosmetics as rewards as well

Can I Play BGMI on PC?

No, the option is not available yet , but you can always play on mobile for now

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