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Ammonia Gland Enshrouded Location Guide #1

What’s the best ammonia gland Enshrouded location? Ammonia is an amazing resource in the game. The main source for the Ammonia gland is mushroom and you can also easily get it through other possible methods too.

Ammonia glands are used to craft ice bolt and other acid related resources in the game too. Ammonia is not available easily just like other resources in the game’s campaign. But still you can unlock these Ammonia glands easily too.

Ammonia Gland Enshrouded

Ammonia Gland Enshrouded Location Guide #1

To collect Ammonia Glands in Enshrouded, embers must all explore the realms and cut down some mushroom trees. You must all also best mushroom type enemies to get these glands.

You can also go to the Kindlewastes and then beat mushroom enemies to farm these Ammonia glands. With more Ammonia glands, you can farm essential acid crafting resources in the game too.

That’s how you must all get Ammonia glands in Enshrouded game. It is used for various crafting purposes in the game and embers must all get more ammonia glands to progress faster and easily in the game too right now.

The other best ammonia gland location in Enshrouded is the Nomad highlands ancient spire. You can fast travel to this realm and slay red fungus enemies and mushrooms to collect Ammonia Glands in the game too. Ammonia gland is primarily used to tan furs in Enshrouded stories.

Ammonia gland Enshrouded location is very easy. But you must also use your best weapons in the game to collect these types of farming resources. With more Ammonia gland Enshrouded, it’s an added advantage for you all in the game’s campaign to progress too.

About Enshrouded 

Ammonia Gland Enshrouded

Enshrouded is a survival and crafting game Keen Games GmbH. The game’s story will be in Embervale realm. You will be a warrior of the Awaken clan and race.

Play as Embers and meet other clan NPCs. The ancestors of your clan were greedy for magical spells and then they had unleashed a curse in the Embervale. The disease was viral and embers struggled to overcome them too.

You must go through terrains, caves, plains, mountains and dungeons in the spiralling world and then craft resources. In Embervale, you must also find food items and healing consumable items to avoid getting unwanted diseases too.

Surviving against creatures and beasts in the Embervale is only possible with your best ranged weapons. You can dominate all Enshrouded combat with the best explosive tools and equipment.

You must also visit snow and mist plains of Embervale to win some difficult missions in the game too. You must also build several bases to overcome all tricky creatures.

In Enshrouded, you can all play with other friends through the co-op game mode. You can raid other bases, loot treasure chests and find out all the ancient myths of the world too.

Visit all biomes of Embervale and travel to the mystical desert in Kindlewastes and other major locations in Revelwood. In every location, you will all find new enemies and you should also destroy them with your Embers.

Enshrouded is available for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. This game is not available for mobile phones currently. Play the Enshrouded game on available platforms and explore the vast open world realms. Fight against hordes of creatures with your party in the magical world.


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