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How to get Charcoal Palworld: Location, Uses!

How to get Charcoal Palworld: Charcoal in Palworld is a valuable resource used to crafting and other activities. The charcoal is a primary object which is obtained by burning woods in primitive furnace. To perform this activity we will need Fire type pal like FoxPark to ignite the furnace and maintain the fire to make charcoal in Palworld.

There are two ways to get charcoal in the game either you can make it by burning wood in primitive furnace or you can find it in the Palworld map. Here in this article we will going to give you a full walk through on how to get charcoal Palworld. Also we will learn more about the uses of charcoal in the game and tips to maximize the production of it. So continue reading this article if you want to learn more about the game.

How to get Charcoal Palworld

How To Get Charcoal Palworld?

Like I said in the introduction you can get charcoal in the game by two ways, first is by crafting it and second is by finding in the map. In this para we will see both methods in a separately.

Get Charcoal Palworld By Crafting:

You can get charcoal in Palworld buy crafting, two or three items to do it. First you have to obtain flame organ. You can get this film organ from any fire type pal however you have to defeat them as the usually drop when the defeated or captured.

Build a primitive furnace, to do this build a structure with basic materials like wood and stone. You can find blueprint in your crafting menu so you don’t need to worry about it.

And the last material is the wood, can be any type of wood but the fast growing trees like Cactrees can create a readily available source.

How to get Charcoal Palworld

Step To Make Charcoal In Palworld:

  • Step 1: In a designated slot of primitive furnace place the flame organ.
  • Step 2: After that ignite the furnace with your captured fire type Pal.
  • Step 3: Rhen add wood on the furnace and let them burn for sometimes. It will take time to burn so keep adding it to maintain the Fire.
  • Step 4: The charcoal will be made automatically when the fire is burning.
  • Step 5: Now you simply have to collect it from the output slot of the furnace.

How to get Charcoal Palworld

Finding Charcoal In Palworld:

Finding Charcoal is a best way rather than crafting it in a primitive furnace. Because you will get a readily available charcoal without making any efforts.

First place you can find Charcoal in Palworld the dungeons, can you get chest and hidden area where you can possibly get lots of charcoal.

And the Second best way to find the Charcoal in Palworld finding random chest in the game map. This Random Chests are scrated throughout the map and rarely have Charcoal but some chests you will get charcoal.

How To Get Charcoal Palworld

What Is The Use Of Charcoal in Palworld?

Once you obtain the charcoal you can use it in many ways. Charcoal as a fuel resource which is used to smelt Ores, cook food and refined materials. You can also use charcoal as a component such as in certain Tools, Weapons and also In Pal Gear. Along with the charcoal can be sold to trader for money however it is not most valuable resource but you can get some amount to buy other items.


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