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Where to Find Berry Seeds for Berry Plantation in Palworld?

Are you still wondering where to Find Berry Seeds for Berry Plantation in Palworld, if you are one of those players who want to know then you are in the right place. Berry seeds in Palworld are very useful items in the game and can be used for a variety of purposes. If you want to get Berry seeds in Palworld then you can build a plantation, and do crafting and cooking.

Some Berry seeds is a very crucial ingredient in crafting recipes for food items portions or even equipment. This Berry seeds are also a good source of food for you and your Pals. You can also trade very seeds for the item you need. Here in this article, we will tell you where to find berry seeds for berry plantation in Palworld. We will give you the correct location and guide you on how to build a Berry plantation in Palworld.

Where to Find Berry Seeds for Berry Plantation in Palworld

Where to Find Berry Seeds for Berry Plantation in Palworld? 

You can find very few seeds by Harvesting Berry Bushes and can also get them from Ligmunks and Gumoss. Men ways to get your hand on these valuable seeds.

Harvesting Berry Bushes:

If you want to harvest Berry bushes then there are many Palworld biomes like Lush Forests, Sunny Grasslands, and Swampy Wetlands. Keep an eye out for the bushes with colorful berries. Once you get the Berry Bushes simply interact with them to collect the seeds. Remember that different bush colors might have different types of berries and seeds so keep and out for the varieties.

Battling Lifmunks and Gumoss:

The second way to get Berry Seeds in Palworld in Battling Lifmunks and Gumoss. Pals have a chance to drop Berry seeds when they are defeated or tamed. You can battle them in the wild and collect the drop seeds after defeating them. You can also tame them, As having Lifmunks and Gumoss in your corral is a passive way to get seeds.

Where to Find Berry Seeds for Berry Plantation in Palworld

How To Build Berry Plantation in Palworld?

So if you want to build your plantation in the game then you should require the things given below.


You will lead three Berry Seeds to start your plantation. But remember that different seeds have different abilities so choose wisely based on your desire. The resources you will need to build the plantation are 20 wood and 20 stones for the study foundation and irrigation system. And to build the plantation you should be at level 5.

Where to Find Berry Seeds for Berry Plantation in Palworld

Once you fullfill the requirements you will be ready to build here own Berry plantation in Palworld. Suitable location and interact with the ground to create a plot then hold the interaction button again plot while holding the seed to plant them. Now you build the plot and also plant the seeds, the crucial part is to water it.


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