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Destiny 2 Constellation Wish: Location, Activation, Pattern & Rewards!

Destiny 2 Constellation Wish: Do you remember the season of Wish in Destiny 2? Those weekly constellation quests with the wish-keeper bow. Each week a hidden message appears which leads you to shoot star constellations in many mysterious locations. If you complete all the alomany Destiny 2 constellation wishes then you will earn awesome works from your wish-keeper.

Here in this article, we will see the constellation Wish Destiny 2. We will also share detailed information about its location how to activate it and the pattern you need to shoot. And we will also tell you the rewards you will be getting after completing Destiny 2 Constellation Wish.

Destiny 2 Constellation Wish

Destiny 2 Constellation Wish:-

We can refer to Destiny 2 Constellation Wish as several things in the game however it depends upon the context. Let’s take some interpretation of Constellation Wish Destiny 2.

Mara Sov was assigned weekly “Constellation” tasks at the Season of the Wish. These Destiny 2 Constellation Wish enabled players to get four distinct Catalysts for the Wish-Keeper bow. To complete each quest, players had to locate a celestial anomaly in a certain place and use the Wish-Keeper bow to shoot stars and form a constellation. Once the Constellation Wish Destiny 2 was finished, players had to complete the “Starcrossed” mission on Legend difficulty to earn the Catalyst.

Each Constellation Wish Destiny 2 had different celestial anomalies with their locations and puzzles. The guide provided details about these anomalies, like the “Tower” anomaly on a green rock in the “Starcrossed” quest, the “Lock” anomaly on a cliff in the Dreaming City, the “Pair” anomaly hidden in a secret room behind Dam’s Gift, and the “Wish” anomaly in the Garden of Exile.

Destiny 2 Constellation Wish

How To Complete Constellation Wish Destiny 2? 

1. Constellation: Tower (Refit for Enduring Snare)

Location: You can find this in the first outdoor section of the “Starcrossed” mission on Legend difficulty. Just look to your right for a big, green rock.

Activation: To activate it, simply jump onto the green rock and climb up behind it. You’ll see a bright, white pillar at the top. Give it a friendly interaction!

Pattern: Shoot the star positioned above the pillar first, and then connect the dots downwards in a cool V shape.

Reward: Completing this task will earn you the Enduring Snare Catalyst, which will make your Snareweaver trap last even longer.

2. Celestial Formation: Lock (Upgrade for Multi-Threaded Snare)

Location: You can find this in the Spine of Keres area within the Dreaming City, near the Oracle Engine. Just head to the courtyard before the Engine, then turn left and climb up the cliff.

Activation: Once you’re there, make sure to clear out all those pesky Taken enemies. Then, climb up to the top of that distant rock with a bright white pillar and give it a friendly interaction.

Celestial Pattern: To solve this one, start by shooting the rightmost star. Then, connect the remaining stars in a clockwise direction towards the center.

Reward: Your reward for completing this constellation is the Catalyst for the Multi-Threaded Snare. It’s going to make your Wish-Keeper even better at trapping targets.

Destiny 2 Constellation Wish

3. Celestial Formation: Pair (Upgrade for Vorpal Weapon)

Location: You can get it in the Roost area of the “Starcrossed” mission on Legend difficulty. After the second encounter, continue through the jumping puzzle and you’ll reach an area with green grass and grey walls.

Activation: Look out for Dam’s Gift in a puddle. Once you’ve found it, move forward, and instead of turning right, take a left. You’ll come across a small gap between stone walls. Crawl through that tunnel until you reach a circular room with red flowers. That’s where you’ll find the pillar of light waiting for you.

Celestial Pattern: Now, for this pattern, start with the head of the lower dragon on the left side. Then, follow the pattern back and forth between the dragons, ending with the head of the upper dragon on the right side.

Reward: You’ve completed this Destiny 2 constellation and earned yourself the Catalyst for the Vorpal Weapon. This is going to amp up your Wish-Keeper’s damage against bosses, vehicles, and even Guardians in their Super.

4. Celestial Formation: Wish (Upgrade for Hatchling)

Location: To get there, just land in the Dreaming City, head towards The Strand, and turn right before you reach the public event area. Follow that path up the hill and through the doorway to enter the Garden.

Activation: Find a large rock near a beautiful waterfall at the start of the Garden. On its northern side, you’ll find the activation message waiting for you.

Celestial Pattern: Shoot the star closest to the message first, then connect the dots in a curved line towards the left side of the Garden.

Reward: After you complete it, You will unlock Catalyst for the Hatchling. This is going to increase the damage of your Wish-Keeper’s initial arrows and give you some bonus damage against those pesky Taken enemies.


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