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Smite 2 Cross Progression: Will You Be Able to Play on PS5, Xbox Series X, and Switch?

Smite 2 Cross Progression and cross-play means that player can play with their friends on any platform and can also take their unlocked from PC to console. Smite 2 Cross Progression is an amazing future in the game as it allows players from two different platforms to play with each other. Many players have questions that Do Smite support cross-progression and cross-play?

Here in this article, we will discuss Smite 2 Cross Progression in detail. Smith too is a very highly acclaimed game that offers you many incredible features. If Smite supports Crossplay and cross-progression then there will be no limitation for the players to play only on the same platform. Here we went to find out that is Smith supports cross-progression or not.

Smite 2 Cross Progression

What Do You Mean By Smite 2 Cross Progression?

Smite 2 cross-progression is a very incredible feature that allows players from different platforms to play with each other. If any games have cross-progression then there is no limit for the players as they can share or unlock their achievement from one platform to another. Smite 2 Cross Progression allows you to carry your heart on unlocked from PC to console or vice versa.

This means that all of your progress achievements and items could be transferred from one platform to another. So there is no longer will players have to start from scratch while switching their platforms. They just have to simply pick up where they left off and continue their journey on another platform with ease. However, the thing is did Smite currently support cross play and cross progression?

Smite 2 Cross Progression

Does Smite 2 Support Cross Progression?

As for now, we don’t have any confirmation about Smite 2 cross-progression. While the developer at Hi-Rez Studios has mentioned that they will schedule cross-progression they haven’t made any official announcement about its development or release date. So any talk about Smite 2 cross progression is just a speculation without any solid information.

But there is something I want to share with you related to the current cross-progression functionality in Smite 2. You can link your Hi-Rez Studios account with different platforms like PC Mac Xbox One and Nintendo Switch full stop which means that your progress unlock items and game purchases can be shared with all these platforms you link. But the PlayStation 4 currently doesn’t support cross-progression so the progress cannot be transferred from one platform if you are playing on PlayStation 4.

However, Hi-Rez Studios is very dedicated to making the game even better than before full stop so we can expect new features and updates to come in the future. So we will surely go to see cross-progression in Smite 2. But as for now, it is only speculation we have to wait for an official announcement in the future.

Smite 2 Cross Progression


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