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Wo Long Patch Notes Ver1.303: Adjustments & Major Bug Fixes!

Wo Long Patch Notes: Today Wo Long release new Patch Notes Ver1.303 where they fix many major bugs and done some adjustment to make game experience more better. All this major bugs are reported by players where the officials admire there reports and gives Wo Long Patch Notes.

Here in this article we will see all the major bug fixes and adjustment done in Wo Long Patch Notes Ver1.303. Along with we will also share you full detail of this update, so don’t skip this article if you want to know that your related issue is fixed or not.

Wo Long Patch Notes

Wo Long Patch Notes Ver1.303:-

Wo Long Patch Notes Ver1.303 release on 15th January 2024 where they Samsung adjustments on many things to make game experience better and smooth for the players. They even fixes some major bugs that are causing players many issues during their gameplay. This Wo Long Patch Notes Update fixed issue in Steam Microsoft version.

Wo Long Patch Notes Ver1.303 – Adjustments:

  • Made adjustment privatize the action that activate fancy mode when player is equipped with whip.
  • Adjustment to the moment pattern of Boss Yuan Shu.
  • Made adjustment so the Boss Yuan Shu cannot land multiple hits with water phase.
  • Made adjustment so that the damage dealt with fatal strikes will not affect by special effect Pangu’s Creation.
  • Added a message which will display when player completed 1000 mile journey for first time.
  • Made some adjustment that few items will add to exchange Golden Horse Hooves earlier than before in Thousand-Mile journey.

Wo Long Patch Notes

Wo Long Patch Notes Ver1.303 – Major Bugs Fixes:

  • Fix a bug decreases the amount of damage dealt by hit with some Wizard spells.
  • Fix a bug where damage bolane se not applied on the basis of spirits for successful deflect with long sword.
  • Fix a bug where first strike of slashing spear attack sometime miss and miss with deadly bog range.
  • Fix a bug that allow Chenghuang’s Prance effect multiple times.
  • Fixed a issue related to spirit recovery after elemental damage.
  • Fixed a limited damage after deflecting Cropse demons attack and Zhang Ying not carrying a bow.
  • Is the character death Glitch issue and buff problem against Yuan Shu.
  • Fixed item pickup issue in certain battlefields.
  • Corrected bugs related to Mile 91 and beyond, Maximum Morale Rank reset, and Co-op Mile 101 access.
  • Fixed battlefield selection issues for guest players, lingering special effects, and incomplete Spirit depletion.
  • Resolved HP recovery dropping to 0, Co-op equipment drops, and Morale Rank decrease after restrictions change.
  • Fixed Benefits loss after exchanging, “King of Fusang’s Manifestation” activation, and selling price for certain stratagems.
  • Addressed inconsistencies in Set Stratagems menu options, misleading notifications, and Recommended Lv. discrepancies.
  • Fixed confirmation messages, Morale Rank discrepancies, and Inner Discipline resetting after closing the game.
  • Corrected Hidden Tome display for Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, Battle Flag rendering delay, and set bonus name errors.
  • Fixed issues allowing players to go outside stage bounds and other minor bugs.


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