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Where To Find GTA 5 Hen Location: Wildlife Photography Challenge!

GTA 5 Hen Location: If you are completing the wildlife photography challenge in GTA 5 then you have to find the location of Hen. 30 wildlife photography challenge asks you to collect 50 photographs of different animals found throughout Los Santos and Blaine.

In this guide, we will give you full details of this event and also show you where to find Hen in GTA 5. As there are many locations where you can find hen we will go to tell you all of those locations. So let’s explore Los Santos and Blaine, and find the Hen GTA 5 Location.

GTA 5 Hen Location

Where To Find GTA 5 Hen Location?

If you were completing a wildlife photograph free challenge in either a Story Mode or GTA online there is a specific Hen you need to snap. You can find one in Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay areas, in a backyard with a hen hutch.

GTA 5 Hen Location

Along with their are there are other spots where you can search GTA 5 Hen Location.

  • West Sandy Shores – Farms near the Zancudo River.
  • Great Chaparral – Farms and ranches throughout the area.
  • Paleto Forest – Scattered farms and wooded areas.
  • Grand Senora Desert – Sandy Shores Airfield and rural areas near Sandy Shores.

GTA 5 Hen Location

GTA 5 Wildlife Photography Challenge:-

The photography challenge is a side activity in GTA 5 and is available in both story mode and GTA online. However, it is only available for PS5 and Xbox Series users.

In Story Mode, Borivali Hills the pepperracy photographer sends you an email to invite you to a photographic competition. He will give you a photography task of 20 different animals that are found in Los Santos and Blaine. The list of 20 different animals includes domestic animals like dogs, cats, and hens as well as wild creatures such as coyotes and mountain lions.

In this task, you have to click a clear picture of each animal and email LS tourist info. You take pictures of all 20 different animals you will complete the challenge. You unlock the Kraken submarine which is a powerful underwater vehicle.

GTA 5 Hen Location

In GTA Online, it is a daily collective challenge that sets three different animal spawns every day. You have to find the daily list by visiting the LS Tourist Board in Blaine. When you take a photograph of all three animals you will RP and GTA$ as a reward.

If you take a snap of one wildlife animal you will unlock the Declasse Park Ranger, a rugged off-road vehicle. And if you take pictures of 10 animals in total you will unlock the trade price of a Park Ranger.


To find the Hen GTA 5 Location you can take the help of income camera zoom and filters to get a closer of many areas. And for the wild animals, you have to be patient and steady. Lastly, you have to pay attention to your surroundings and find the GTA 5 Hen Location. So this is for you: if you like our post and find it interesting, then please make sure to subscribe to Gaming Acharya.

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