How to Evolve Applin into Dipplin in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Latest 2023

The world of Pokemon is ever-evolving, much like the creatures that inhabit it. With each new generation and expansion, trainers are introduced to fresh Pokemon and innovative methods of evolution. Before you can even think about evolving your Applin into Dipplin in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you’ll need to locate an Applin itself. While in the past, you could evolve Applin into either Flapple or Appletun, the Teal Mask expansion adds a sweeter option to the mix: Dipplin, the delectable candied apple evolution of Applin.

How to Evolve Applin into Dipplin in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Latest 2023

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Teal Mask DLC is no exception, as it unveils a unique evolution path for one of the Generation VIII Pokémon, Applin. The good news is that even without the DLC, Applin can be found in various locations throughout the game. The “Great Avocado Sandwich,” made with ripe avocado, smoked filet, fresh tomato, and a dash of salt, is an excellent choice. So, if you’re eager to satisfy your sweet tooth while enhancing your Pokémon roster, don’t hesitate.

Applin into Dipplin in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

With this special sandwich in hand, you might not even need to shake Applin out of trees; they might just be rolling around outside of Medali, ripe for the taking. Much like the previous evolution options for Applin, Flapple and Appletun, you’ll require a special item to evolve Applin into Dipplin in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. However, if you want to increase your chances of encountering Applin, consider using a Dragon-type sandwich.

These apples are available for purchase from a fruit stand, and they are reasonably priced at $500 each. Once you’ve acquired the coveted Syrupy Apple, you can use it directly from your inventory to trigger the evolution process for Applin. It’s a simple process akin to using an evolution stone to transform other Pokémon. For those trainers who do not have access to the DLC but still desire Dipplin in their lineup, fear not. 

There are alternative methods to obtain this sweet evolution. One approach is to connect with a friend who possesses the DLC and arrange a trade for a Dipplin. Alternatively, you can trade for a Pokémon that holds a Syrupy Apple, which you can then use to evolve your Applin into Dipplin in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. These methods ensure that you can enjoy Dipplin’s sweetness even without the expansion.

How to Evolve Applin into Dipplin in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Latest 2023

How to Evolve Applin into Dipplin in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

With Dipplin by your side, you’ll have more than just a Pokémon; you’ll have a delightful companion that adds a unique flavor to your battles. Its charming design resembles a toffee-dipped apple, making it a standout addition to your Pokémon team. The great news is that you can find these Syrupy Apples in the southeast corner of Kitakami, specifically at a place known as the Mossfell Confluence. 

Evolving Pokémon in the Scarlet and Violet DLC is not just about transformation; it’s an exciting adventure filled with discovery and wonder. Dipplin is a testament to the boundless creativity and fun that the Pokémon series continues to offer. Use the Syrupy Apple to evolve your Applin into Dipplin in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and embark on a flavorful journey with your new, delightful companion in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

In the ever-evolving world of Pokémon, each new evolution is a momentous occasion. With Dipplin, you not only gain a powerful ally but also a sweet reminder of the boundless possibilities that await in the Pokémon universe. So, venture forth, evolve your Applin, and savor the sweet success of having Dipplin as part of your Applin into Dipplin in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. 

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