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EFT Map Ground Zero Quest Complete Guide 2024

The EFT Map Ground Zero Quest has witnessed the release of the new Ground Zero map, which is particularly meant to teach the game to players under the level of 20. However, because it is a new map, everyone, including seasoned gamers, is still attempting to understand out the layout, and gradually a map and extracts are being uncovered.

EFT Map Ground Zero Quest Complete Guide 2024

In this article we will be dealing with EFT Map Ground Zero Quest. The only map we have for Ground Zero so far is the one presented in the map’s debut trailer, which isn’t the most comprehensive but does provide some useful information for novices. It illustrates where the extracts are and provides a decent overview of the map, so it’s worth studying.

EFT Map Ground Zero Quest

Ground Zero has five major extracts, one of which is a vehicle extract and one of which is a cooperative extract. The Emercom Checkpoint extract is at the bottom left of the map, the co-op Scav Checkpoint extract is in the top left, Mira Prospect is at the bottom, Nakatani Basement is in the top right, and the Police Checkpoint, which is the vehicle extract, is in the top middle.

However, if you go to Mira Prospect, keep in mind that you will need a flare to escape out of this extract; else, you will be shot by snipers. To avoid being killed by the snipers, you must shoot the flare into the extract. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for Salewa first aid kits on EFT Map Ground Zero, since they can spawn in a few of locations.

All of the first tasks in Escape From Tarkov now require you to visit Ground Zero, and there are a lot of things you must complete on the map. The Burning Rubber mission, which asks you to take the automobile extract on Ground Zero, is the simplest to accomplish. All you have to do is go to the Police Checkpoint extract, which is in the middle of the map at the top, and take the automobile extract.

EFT Map Ground Zero Quest Complete Guide 2024

EFT Map Ground Zero Complete Guide

Next up is Therapist’s First in Line quest, which requires you to locate the Emercom Station on EFT Map Ground Zero and then pass them certain medical goods. The Emercom Station is directly adjacent to the Emercom Checkpoint extract in the bottom left of the map; simply stroll in the area and that sub-task will be completed; you do not need to extract safely.

This is also a nice location to collect the three found-in-raid medical items you need to turn in, after which you may jump in the extract immediately next to it to complete the assignment. You’ll need 5000 Rubles to take it, but you’ll earn them when you accept Skier’s EFT Map Ground Zero mission.

The first job from Prapor is Shooting Cans, which demands you to kill five targets on the map, which can be scavs or PMCs, as well as locate the AGS grenade launcher and Utyos machine gun. The machine gun is on the Empire Building’s second level, while the grenade launcher is at the Capitol Building. To start the quest, you must travel directly to where they are.

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