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How to EASILY Assist in searching Winterfest Present containers found around the map Fortnite?

Winterfest Present Containers: Are you enjoying the festival environment in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Winterfest Event. The event comes up with many interesting challenges and tasks that grant you exclusive rewards and lots of XP. And again Winterfest event gives you a present full of amazing rewards and XP points. The challenge is to assist in searching Winter Fest’s present container around the Fortnite map.

The Winter Fest present containers are scattered or around the Fortnite map and you have to find them. The Present Container contains many exclusive rewards, it may be anything such as rare items, gold bars, characters, and more. And here in this article, we will share with you some exact locations where you will find Winterfest Present containers. We will also guide you on how to easily assist in searching Winterfest Present containers found around the map.

Winterfest Present containers

What Is Winterfest Present Containers?

Winterfest Present containers festive Gift boxes, which are scattered across the map that you can loot for rewards. These presents can have various sizes and designs and also add a holiday gf and excitement to the season. Your wondering words inside the Winterfest Present containers contain rewards such as weapon ammo consumables, healing items, or even Shield bubbles.

You can also get big loot in IT such as Cosmetics, Back Blings, Pickaxes, Glinder, or even emotes. How about to get all these things you have to find them all around the map. If you are getting any Winterfest Present containers Fortnite, don’t worry we give you the exact location where you will get one container.

Winterfest Present containers

Location Of Winterfest Present Containers In Fortnite:-

The Winterfest Present Containers Fortnite can be found in many locations as the location changes in every match so we cannot guess any exact location of it. But there are some fixed locations where you will get Winterfest Present Containers the majority of the time.

Hary Hillside is a good location and has multiple spawns, you will surely get at least a container full of presents in it. And to get the present land on the location and search for the place where you see decorations or you hear any music. If the Winterfest Present container Fortnite is closed to you then you will see a small gift icon in your minimap. This is an indicator that you are closed to the bundle of rewards.

Winterfest Present containers

How To Get Winterfest Present Containers?

Once you get the Winterfest Present containers, just on search button appears on the screen. You will see a Golden box shining, that is the Winterfest Present containers. Stand in front of it and open it you will get all the presents.


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