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How To Get BGMI 19 Rs Offer: 95 Off Google Play BGMI!

BGMI 19 Rs offer limited period offer on Google Play Store that allows players to get 600 UC for only 19 rupees. This is a huge discount of 95 Off Google Play BGMI from the regular price of 375 rupees for 600 UC. However this offer is not showing for all the players, but this offer is real and many players are buying 600 UC only for 19 rupees.

This offer is available for unlimited period of time and it is not available for all the players in bgmi. Reported that day saw the offer in Google Play Store but when they tried to claim it day had to pay the regular price of 365 rupees for 600 UC. But there is one useful trick that every player can use it to get 600 UC for only rs 19 Rs. In this article we will tell you this trick in how to buy BGMI 19 Rs Offer and also guide you in each steps.

BGMI 19 Rs offer

How To Get BGMI 19 Rs Offer?

If you are one of the player who didn’t get 95 Off Google Play BGMI, then don’t worry we will give you some tips and tricks. This is happening for lots of a players as some of them reported that they get BGMI 19 Rs offer but they are not able to clami it.

The offer is showing in Google play store app but when they try to buy 600 UC, instead of 19 Rs they are asked to pay 375 Rs which is a regular price. It is because this offer is only available for few players but you can 600 Uc Only In 19 Rupees BGMI by other email account. Let me explain you in details.

If you are friends have BGMI 19 Rs offer available in Google Play Store and he buys 600 uses only in 19 rupees then ask him to give his email id and add it to your Google Play Store account.

BGMI 19 Rs offer

How To Buy BGMI 19 Rs Offer?

By this you will able to get 95 of in Google Play BGMI. To do this here are a step by step process.

BGMI 19 Rs offer

  • First go to your Google Play Store app.
  • Click on notification and offer, which is placed on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Open notification and offers option you will see on 95% of offer.
  • Then you have to check in which Email Id you are getting this offer.
  • Then go to your mobile settings and delete all the other email account.
  • After that open bgmi and go to purchase section and you will see offer of rupees 380.
  • Click on this offer and you will get 600 UC in only 19 rupees.

BGMI 19 Rs offer

As this is a only option to get free UC in BGMI, the offer didn’t show in your email account that you added on your Google Play Store app then you can also take your friends email accounts. After purchasing you see you can buy anything in the game.


In the end I just want to say that wait for the 95 Off Google Play BGMI, because the developers are giving offer to everyone. You just have to be patient and wait for the offer to arrive in your account. Ut is a new year so the game offering every one may be they may late but everyone’s are getting this offer.

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