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A Transaction Genshin Impact Event: How To Complete It?

A Transaction Genshin Impact is the third part of the mini-game” Into The Frame”. In this event, you have to film a business deal with the merchant and the client. By completing this challenge you will get many exclusive rewards such as Primogens, Theater Tickets, Film for Fun, and Hero’s Wit. And A Transaction Genshin Event it’s now available in the Roses and Muskets event.

In this guide, we will give you full information about A Transaction Event Genshin Impact, its requirements, and how to complete it. We will also share with you what reward you will get after completing the event.

A Transaction Genshin Impact

A Transaction Genshin Impact: Into The Frame Event:-

It is the third part of the mini-game in the junction in pact roses and Muskets event. I have to fill a short scene featuring Yoimiya as a fireworks merchant from Inazuma. And Riqueti will take clients at a hotel board in Fontaine. Your objective is to capture a key movement of their negotiation from the purchase of the fireworks through your camera frames and narration.

The story is in 5 frames, where you have to capture each frame to complete the challenge. Here is a short explanation of how to do it.

  • Frame I: Yoimiya shows Riqueti a sample of fireworks.
  • Frame II: Riqueti asks the price of the fireworks.
  • Frame III & IV: Yoimiya reveals her identity and shows their star merchandise.
  • Frame V: Riqueti is satisfied and agrees on a deal with Yoimiya.

A Transaction Genshin Impact

How To Complete A Transaction Genshin Impact Event?

Now let’s see how to complete A Transaction Genshin Impact Event.

Frame I: in this frame, you have to film the customer seizing the sample on the table. Select the image where Riqueti looking at the fireworks on the table.

Frame II: In Desh Prem, you have to film the customer negotiating with the merchant. Choose the left image showing that Riqueti is talking to me Yoimiya. As it captures that they are interacting.

Frame III: In the third frame you have to choose the right one where Yoimiya’s face is revealed. This adds a surprise element and emphasizes their identity as a famous firework maker.

Frame IV: in the fourth frame, Yoimiya showcases its branded products to the client. Go to the bottom image where Yoimiya showcases in their entire box.

Frame V: in the fifth frame the deal is done with the client. Select the image with the face of Riqueti.

A Transaction Genshin Impact

Rewards A Transaction Genshin Impact:-

After completing the A Transaction Genshin Impact event you will get all the rewards given below.

Primogems x30, Film for Fun x160, Theater Tickets x100, Hero’s Wit x3, Mystic Enhancement Ore x6, Sanctifying Unction x4.


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