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How To Get Free 10000 CP Cod Mobile?

10000 CP Cod Mobile: COD Points is a premium currency in the game that players can use to purchase all things they want. It is a very premium thing in the game, you can buy almost everything if you have COD Points. However, to buy this CP in COD mobile you have to spend real money from the endgame store or on any third-party website.

What if I tell you that you can get free 10000 CP Cod Mobile, without spending any penny? Yes, there are some methods where you can get free 10000 CP In Cod Mobile. In this guide, we will give you all the information and methods that will grant you 10000 CP in COD mobile. We will also tell you the step-by-step process.

10000 CP Cod Mobile

How To Get Free 10000 CP Cod Mobile?

Getting free 10000 CP in COD mobile is extremely rare and is not guaranteed but there are some ways to earn without spending any money. Here you will get to know all the ways that will give you 10000 CP Cod Mobile without spending money.

1. Complete Daily Or Weekly Challenges: COD mobile offers you regular challenges that grant you various rewards along with coda points.

2. Participate In The Event: As you know COD Mobile regularly hosts events where they give you some challenges to complete full stop by completing those challenges you can earn 10000 CP COD mobile.

3. Rank High In Leaderboard: If you are a top performer then the competitive mode offers CP (COD Points).

4. Participate In Giveaways and Concerts: many game content creators and communities hold giveaways for the participants where they give 10,000 CP Cod Mobile.

10000 CP Cod Mobile

What Is The Use Of 10000 Cp In Cod Mobile?

With 10000 CP in Call of Duty mobile, you can unlock lots of possibilities for you. You can do many things you want in the game such as Purchase In-Game items, Boost Your Progress, change your username support developers, and many more.

Purchase In-game Items: 

You can buy almost everything if you have a 10000 CP COD mobile. You can buy upcoming battle passes or unlock exclusive characters, blueprints, camos, and other rewards.

You can also gamble your COD points on various crates and lucky draws. By gambling on rare crates, you can get a chance to earn legendary items and characters. You can also buy a specific item directly if you want it from the store.

Boost Your Progress: 

With 10000 CP in COD mobile you can purchase boosts to level appear accounts and weapons faster than before. Unlock new perks and achievements also. If you play a rank mode then you can use 10000 CP COD mobile to skip in Tiers and reach a higher rank quickly.


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