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Ultrakill Layer 7 Secret Level: Complete The Mission!

Ultrakill layer 7 secret level in the game, there a sneaky rumours all around about this hidden level 7. The Ultrakill layer 7 secret level is a gate that is the beginning of 7-3 and it is covered in leaves that cannot be broken. In this challenge, we have to get through this gate and begin the 7-3 in Ultrakill layer 7 secret mission.

In this guide, we will give you a full walkthrough of Ultrakill layer 7 secret levels and tell you how to unlock it. We will give you a step-by-step instructive guide to help you complete this mission. We will also see some other secrets of level 7 in this article so let’s buckle up grab her favourite nail gun and join in the hunt for the biggest mystery.

Ultrakill layer 7 secret level

What is Ultrakill Layer 7 Secret Level?

I told you in the introduction that the Ultrakill Layer 7 Secret Level door begins at seven-3 gateway to the secret level. There is a rumor floating All around that it is only accessible for a concluded path. A player has discovered an exit door that is printing at its feature existence.

The gate at 7-3 is a beginning that is covered with wine. It stands as a potential gateway, as the wine is unbreakable which keeps blocking the path for now. Players are trying to uncover The Secret to access the secret level. They are experimenting with the different weapons and their abilities to open the secret level. But due to the Vines, the gate is unbreakable and will not be open.

Ultrakill layer 7 secret level

How To Complete Ultrakill Layer 7 Secret Mission?

To get through the Ultrakill layer 7 secret level, you can try this guide step by step.

  • After the third tree do not kill the Streetcleaners.
  • You have to lead them back to the gate safely.
  • Avoid another combat encounter, to do this you can take the long way.

If you are not able to find the secrets in 7 days 3 level then try these steps.

  • Turn back towards the bridge from the first tree.
  • You will see the gates going under the bridge, go through one of the gates.
  • Then look down and find the Rocky part that goes off to the ledge.
  • After that follow the service tunnel and you will find the secrets in 7-3.

Ultrakill layer 7 secret level


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