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Season 31 Skin Confirmed Mobile Legends: New Hero, Tier Logos In Patch Update 1.8.44!

Season 31 Skin Confirmed: Mobile Legends Season 31 will soon be released with patch update 1.8.44. As Season 30 officially ends on 22 December 2023, now you are wondering what new Hero and Skin will add in the next season. Mlbb Season 31 will officially make his entry in 2024 as the release date is not disclosed by the officials.

Here in this article, we will share with you Season 31 skin confirm Mobile Legends and other information. We will see the new Hero and other improvements done in the 1.8.44 patch updates. So those who are curious about this news can stay in this article to know more about it. Now let’s start this article without any further delay.

Season 31 Skin Confirmed

Season 31 Skin Confirmed Mobile Legends:-

The coming Season 31 Mobile Legends Bang Bang confirms skin, it will include an exclusive Faramis skin for you. The Faramis skin is an Infernal Magister, only for the player who reached Mythic Rank continuously in the previous three Seasons. The Mythic Rank is the highest in the Mobile Legends, so if you achieve it four times in a row then you will able to redeem Faramis Skin.

The appearance of the skin is like a collector-type skin where all players what to have as their signature Hero. Also, the design of this skin is chosen by the people through voting so it is the player’s choice. However, the exact theme design and skill effects of Mlbb Season 31 Faramis skin are not revealed. It is safe to assume that it will be an impressive skin which reflects the status as a powerful maze in mobile legends.

Season 31 Skin Confirmed

New Hero In Season 31 Mobile Legends:-

In season 31 Cici will arrive as a new hero in Mobile Legends. She is a female Hero added in Season 31 and will be the 123rd hero in the game. She is a fighter-type Hero who deals physical damage to their opponents. And he also can heal herself in between the battle. If we consider the attacking range of Cici, it will be Mid-range attacks as it is different from the heroes from the previous Season.

Season 31 Skin Confirmed

New Tier Logos In Season 31 Mobile Legends:-

Moonton also changed the logo of Tiers in the new patch update 1.8.44. as each rank drive is associated with an animal symbol for example the Master Tier is represented by a Bear, the Epic Tier is represented by a Rhino and the Mythic Tier is represented by Dragon. All these symbols are not taken as random this means to show the players or to convey the increasing strength and prestige with higher ranks.

With the Season 31 Skin Confirmed Mobile Legends, Moonton also changed the Tier logos. This means the logos will get a visual makeover in terms of their color design and style. Moonton’s vision in doing this is to achieve two things in patch update 1.8.44.

Season 31 Skin Confirmed

The first motive is to increase the rank of each player, They hope that the new and exciting Tier logos will motivate them to move further in higher ranks. And the second motive is to retain Veteran players by offering something new and fresh to them. They hope to keep them engaged and excited about the new Season 31 in Mobile Legends.


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