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Medieval Dynasty Oxbow Mine Locations: Get Gemstones And Gold!

Medieval Dynasty Oxbow Mine Locations: The Oxbow Mine is a special location where you find rich resources, and collect valuable materials. This mine has a deposit of Copper, Tin, and Salt all of which are very important for crafting and constructing in the game. However, finding Medieval Dynasty Oxbow Mine Locations it’s not easy and if you find it then you will get a variety of valuable material in that mine.

Here in this article, we will tell you the confirmed location of the Medieval Dynasty Oxbow Mine and also guide you on how to get resources from it. So without wasting any time let’s drive into the details of Medieval Dynasty Oxbow Mine Locations and gather all the valuable resources.

Medieval Dynasty Oxbow Mine Locations

Medieval Dynasty Oxbow Mine Locations:-

Oxbow Mine is a good source of income especially in the early stage of the game. You will get Cooper, Tin, and Salt from the Medieval Dynasty Oxbow Mine. However, two wolves guard that mine but you can easily defeat them with very little effort and strategy.

This Oxbow Mine is located at the east of Piastovia, the starting town. It is located near a river which gives you a convenient water source. The best part is that the mind is relatively isolated which makes it a good choice for the player who can build a peaceful village near that.

Medieval Dynasty Oxbow Mine Locations

How To Get In The Medieval Dynasty Oxbow Mine?

To get into the Medieval Dynasty Oxbow Mine, you have to defeat to Wolves, who are the guardian of this mine. Defeating them is not difficult you can do it very easily. Bring weapons or other resources to encounter wolves and defeat them. Once you defeat both wolves, you can get into the Oxbow Mine.

Bring a torch which helps you to see in the dark Tunnel of the mine. Be careful of any holes or pits and keep an eye on hidden resources such as Gemstones or Gold.

Medieval Dynasty Oxbow Mine Locations

Now gather all the valuable resources from the mine. To do this you will need pickaxes and other relevant skills for mining the specific resources. Once you have the necessary tools or skills then you can collect huge resources from it.

I suggest you build a village near the Medieval Dynasty Oxbow Mine. Doing that you can take advantage of the resources and you can also claim the surrounding land and start constructing your buildings.


Make sure that building your village near the Oxbow Mine will bring many unwanted guests such as bandits and other wild animals you have to protect your village from them so make sure that you make your defense strong.

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