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Ragnarok Origin Christmas Events & Job Balance Patch: VIP Sneak Peek!

Ragnarok Origin Christmas Events: The developers of Ragnarok Origin have made a special treat for the players during the Christmas season. They introducing the Christmas Events and job balance patch, which will surely bring happiness and excitement to all the adventures in the game.

In the Christmas events, you will see many quests and Treasure Hunt challenges that you have to complete. Here in this article, we will sneak peek at all the challenges and Treasure Hunt events in the Ragnarok Origin Christmas Events, and in addition we will also see the job balance patch that was recently introduced in this event.

Ragnarok Origin Christmas Events

Ragnarok Origin Christmas Events: All New Quest, Fight, and Treasure Hunt Event:-

In Ragnarok Origin Christmas Events we will get to see many quests fights and Treasure hunt events. Here is a VIP Sneak Peek of all the quests which is going to come in Ragnarok Origin Christmas Events.

Ragnarok Origin Christmas Events

  1. Roo Christmas Revelries
  2. Christmas Quests
  3. Snowgun Fight
  4. Complete Centres Request To Win The Christmas Gifts.
  5. Challenge Antonio (MVP) and Evil Reindeer (MINI)
  6. Lutie Treasure Hunt
  7. Snowball Fight

Roo Christmas Revelries – In Roo Christmas Revelries you have to go on a thrilling adventure and complete challenging tasks to get special rewards. This Quest is designed to give you a unique and impressive experience to enjoy the holiday season while playing the game.

Snowgun Fight – In Snowgun Fight you have to battle in the snow and compete against other players to get victory. You can dodge their incoming snowballs and hit them with your snowball. Winning in the Snow Gun fight event will give you exclusive rewards and items in the game.

Complete Centres Request To Win The Christmas Gifts – In this Quest you have to help the centre. Centre needs your help, he requests you with a series of additional quests. Complete those quests and wind different types of Christmas gifts.

Challenge Antonio (MVP) and Evil Reindeer (MINI) – You have to face off against the MVP Antonio’s evil Reindeer in the epic battle. In this challenge, you will test your skills and gather your allies to strategies your attack and get victory against them.

Lutie Treasure Hunt – In Lutie Treasure Hunt you have to search for hidden treasures that are scattered all over the world of Ragnarok origin. You have to explore new areas solve puzzles and overcome the obstacles to get the treasures.

Ragnarok Origin Christmas Events

Job Balance Patch in Ragnarok Origin:-

Job Balancing – Ranger 

  • Divine Armament [Elf Bow] Refine +10 new effect: Sniping Shot now gains 8% increased damage per stack of Windwalk you have.
  • Warg Strike Adjustment: Bleed can now be stacked up to 6 times, up from 4.
  • Elusive Wind Adjustment: Sniping Shot and Arrow Storm will no longer be cast automatically when Elusive Wind is activated.
  • Scavenger New Effect: Once every 0.5 sec when your Warg Strike, Warg Bite, or Warg Rampage hits an enemy under the effect of Bleed, you gain 1 stack of Scavenger.

New Wishing Updates:-

To ensure the fairness of cross-server battles, Fashion Wishing will now be subject to the actual date instead of the opening date of each server. Fashion Gacha resets every 14 days.

As the mechanism is adjusted, the optional gacha will be available to bridge the gap in fashion progression between adventurers on different servers.

Adventurers can choose the current outfits with Gacha Tickets, and can also collect the past outfits during the event period from 13 December 2023 (5:00) to 27 December 2023 (4:59).


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