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The scientific method Dreamlight Valley Quest Guide & Walkthrough! #17

The scientific method Dreamlight Valley quest is very important. Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new update brings lots of challenges for characters. The best tips to complete the scientific method Dreamlight Valley are here at ga now.

For this quest, you must bro Jack Skellington in the valley. Complete this new friendship quest to earn 1320 xp in the Disney Dreamlight Valley game. There are many objectives for the task as well.

Your first location is Vitalys Mines and this can easily be found on the map itself. Next, meet Jack Skellington inside the same location. He will ask you to craft an exclusive scientific kit for his project. He also found a perfect laboratory location, but he also needs supplies for the same now.

the scientific method dreamlight valley

The scientific method Dreamlight Valley Quest Guide & Walkthrough! #17

the scientific method dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, to craft a scientific kit, you need all these materials too,

  • Cool Ore
  • Softwood
  • Empty Vial
  • Fabric
  • Iron Ingot

These crafting recipes help you all to make the scientific kit from the crafting station of Disney Dreamlight Valley game. While doing this ensure you also have some night shards in your inventory of the game too.

the scientific method dreamlight valley

Your next stop is the Merlin library. Meet her and collect potions. Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple Potions are required for the same. Next as per the order of merlin, get the correct potion that’s also opposite of a night thorn. Then you must also place the right potions on the giant night thorn too.

Complete the Disney Dreamlight Valley scientific method friendship line quest and earn all your rewards. This will also complete your progress and unlock the next set of quests in the current season too.

Complete the Disney Dreamlight Valley scientific method quest and get all your rewards. The new set of missions for Disney Dreamlight Valley are also out now. So, play all these new exclusive challenges and get your rewards as well too.

About the Game 

Disney Dreamlight valley is a colorful life-sim adventure game and in this unique game, you play as dreamers. You can interact with neighbors, cook recipes, celebrate festivals and complete quests.

There are pets, lions, Disney Pixar characters. You live in a valley and there are pet houses for your pets. Complete all NPC and friendship quests to earn resources and collect xp.

The first major goal in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to build a dream castle. This can be unlocked after completing basic tutorial quests and challenges too. You can also prepare a variety of recipes and cooking dishes in the game.

The crafting station of Dreamlight Valley helps you to craft dishes. You can craft resources from the shops and NPCs. Interact with all villagers to maintain a good bond with them too.

The story is set in a magical valley. You will play as all Disney and Pixar characters in the game too. Some of these characters are also affected by a curse and they have also forgotten everything in the valley too.

Use magic skills to clear night thorns and other obstacles in the game. Eat food items and replenish health and energy levels to the maximum. Earn star coins to upgrade everything in the game.

You can earn exclusive clothes, outfits, cosmetics and furniture by raising your friendship levels with villagers, friends and other neighbors as well too. Playing this game will be a jolly experience for you all too. It is fully launched now too.


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