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The Punisher Harvest Tarkov Quest Guide!#1

The punisher harvest tarkov quest is very hard. The new Escape from Tarkov punisher harvest side quest can be challenging for you all right now. The event in Escape from Tarkov is also live now.

Collect this new quest from the trader called The Punisher. This is an eliminate type of quest in the game. The major objectives are to eliminate 50 PMC operatives. Complete The punisher harvest quest tarkov and unlock new rewards through this event. The entire The punisher harvest Tarkov is also easier than expected too.

Once you catch these operatives, you can also hand them to level 25+ raids and the dogtags. The challenge is simple and it might be bugged for some players. So play with a good connectivity.

The punisher harvest tarkov

The Punisher Harvest Tarkov Quest Guide!#1

The punisher harvest tarkov

The Ammo Shortage event in Escape from Tarkov is live now. So, you must all complete some new quests. All exclusive challenges are also live now in the game. Completing The punisher harvest quest Tarkov will also be very easier now.

With some better weapons and equipment, you can also win this challenge easily. Then you should also some ammo before completing the entire challenge in the game too

Once you complete this new Escape from Tarkov challenge, a lot of quest rewards are also available for grabs. Here’s what you can all collect now,

  • Dollars and Intelligence Center level 2
  • T H I C C item case
Is Escape From Tarkov A Good Game to Play?

Escape from Tarkov is an intense and raw realistic fps action shooter, RPG, Tactical and simulator game from the Battlestate Games developers. The MMO game is happening in the Norvinsk fictional universe with all the enemies and players battling against each other.

The MMO game is available  for PC now, but this EFT game is one of the highly rated and gripping first-person shooter games of all time. It has top-notch content and features to excite players.


You have to play all raids and loot resources from others. This will help you to complete matches of Escape from Tarkov easily as with many resources all challenges get easier than before too.

Battles take place in the fictional Norvinsk region of northwestern Russia and some intense war battles are happening between two private military companies called the United Security “USEC” and the Battle Encounter Assault Regiment “BEAR”).

All raiders will get the option to insure weapons and other equipment they brought but make sure that they are not stolen by bots. Escape from Tarkov has many raids like the scavenger raids, and here players should use random equipment, and also then take part in a raid which already in progress on any random locations on the maps too.

Complete these unique scavenger raids, and take the cooldown Every raid will be taking place for 15to 45 minutes at maximum based on all maps and these will also allow up to 14 players too.

Overall this is an amazing and scary game to play right now. Only all PC players can play this lovely game and its events and challenges. But there’s also a multiplayer mode too, so you can enjoy with all friends together.

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