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Path to Nowhere Upcoming Banners 2024

Is the Path To Nowhere upcoming Banners announced? Ever since this tower defense RPG game released recently, the game has been making waves for its intriguing gameplay, missions and powerful sinners and violent characters. Now it’s time to know the next set of banner, characters and sinners on Path To Nowhere.

Already Path to Nowhere started with the initial list of characters and sinners from the 3 Tiers, now the next set of sinners and banners for Path To Nowhere china region are getting revealed one by one. The leaks suggest some powerful banners with the sinners for CN server of Path to Nowhere game.

All the upcoming banner and sinners in Path to Nowhere CN servers will be released one by one from next week, like the Zoya sinner, all these next new sinners and banners of PTN will also be so powerful with abilities and skills.

All Path to Nowhere Upcoming Banners & Sinners 2024

Path to Nowhere Next Banner

Okay here is the complete list of all the new and exclusive upcoming banners, characters and sinners from Path to Nowhere for the 2nd week of November 2024,

  • Whimsical Summer Banner
  • Zoya from the Unbreakable Banner
  • Star Gazer from Awakening Dreams
  • Wonderful Night Banner
  • Land of Forgetfulness LTM Banner
  • Astrologer S Rank
  • Eirene from the Shifting Chess Striker Banner
  • No Worries Banner with the Demon Sinner
  • Kava Kava A Rank
  • Routine Summoning Banner
  • Regular Summoning Banner
  • Sin and Order Summoning Banner

All these are the expected list of Path to Nowhere banners which will have their own unique sinners and characters.

Especially the astrologer S ranked banner is said to have some of the frightening sinners of the game, like Zoya many new characters from the Astrologer Arcane S ranked sinner can be expected for the following and upcoming banners.

Kava Kava will also be a powerful Sinner character from the new banner which is A ranked from Path to Nowhere, the sinners will play a crucial role in all the battles of the game.

More on Path To Nowhere Upcoming Banners, Sinners & Characters 

Path to Nowhere Upcoming Banners

All of the new banner of Path to Nowhere will have the best abilities and skills with every character having a special power.

For eg, the astrologer character which is S ranked sinner has some magic and arcane powers, and the astrologer can use an orb with some bonus magical abilities. Also, the attacking and damage abilities of astrologer sinner will be increased in the upcoming updates of the game.

All these are the latest banner, characters, and sinners updates from the team of Path To Nowhere. Once more banners are announced for Path to Nowhere events, we will keep you updated here.

Some of these new banner additions in Path to Nowhere will be limited-time banners, while the rest of the banner characters of PTN will become permanent after next week.

What is the Next Event from Path To Nowhere in November 2024? 

There’s a new exclusive event from Path to Nowhere, which is the Raging Sands event. The Raging Sands event will go live on 10 November 2024 to all the players of Path to Nowhere.

Mostly this Raging Sands event will include all the new exclusive and upcoming banners, characters and sinners to the Path to Nowhere game.

Conclusion on Upcoming banners in Path to Nowhere:

Now that’s a wrap from our GA end for this new Path to Nowhere Next Banner, Characters and Sinners related news. All new upcoming Path to Nowhere banners, sinners and characters have been revealed here.

Stay tuned with gaming acharya for more exclusive Path of Nowhere events, contents, updates on banners, characters and sinners. Follow us regularly for more gaming news and contents here.

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