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Path to Nowhere Stargazer Tier List- All Stats Abilities

Path To Nowhere Stargazer is a powerful Sinner from the S rarity. Players are using stargazer for most of the attacks just because for her magical skills and insane attacking abilities.

Stargazer has a magical damage type and her attack speed is also extremely powerful and good. But the best stats for stargazer in Path to Nowhere is her HP, as she can thrive through all the damages inflicted on her just by wielding her HP skills in the game.

Also, Stargazer has the unique prowess of summoning the victory stars to a targeted aoe, the victory star her also allows them to deal a huge damage. Here are the stats, character overview, and more about stargazer in Path to Nowhere.

Path to Nowhere Stargazer – All Stats & Abilities Here

Path to Nowhere Stargazer

Stargazer has the potential to deal infinite damage just with her magical powers, celestial phenomenon is her another skill. Here are the other stats of Stargazer on Path to Nowhere.

Stargazer girl has a huge HP of 3680, while 257 resistance. And the attack and defense of Stargazer are 644 and 240 in the game. All these are just enough to prove that the stats, build and strategy for stargazer in Path to Nowhere are so powerful as of now.

The basic attack skill of Stargazer is the celestial phenomenon that helps her to absorb her energy and powers through her magical weapons. Stargazer always flourishes with her basic attack and magical damage type skills and abilities in Path to Nowhere.

Astrologer Exclusive Brand is another special skill of Stargazer, also the victory star of Stargazer is capable of dealing over 200% damages when it’s invisible. All the special skills of Stargazer Sinner will help you to win more battles easily.

More About Stargazer in Path to Nowhere 

Path to Nowhere Stargazer

Stargazer has another incredible skill which is her astral guidance for the victory star, as the astral guidance can easily boost up her victory star stats, fury and obsession are Stargazer utilities.

The basic strategy of Stargazer in Path To Nowhere is inflicting damage with her magical weapons, increasing the attacks by wielding her victory star, while her healing points is another best stat about her, all these are the best strategy and build for the stargazer in Path to Nowhere.

The victory star of Stargazer can be perfectly targeted at the grid zone of her enemies in the game. While the other skills and features of Stargazer in Path to Nowhere are her shackles, shackles sync II, also the Stargazer girl has the calibre to get back 5 energy when her victory star disappears in the battles.

While the shackles III of Stargazer Sinner allows her to summon creature damage over 8% for the 3×3 enemy square grids. The Honorable shackle also gives her victory star a 20% increase in attack while she is active on the field.

All these are about the Stargazer Sinner girl in Path To Nowhere, as the Stargazer Sinner character from the S rarity tier list is one of the best. Stargazer skills, abilities, basic attacks and skills, utility, special powers and shackles in Path to Nowhere are so stronger now.

Conclusion on Path to Nowhere Stargazer Tier List

That’s a wrap on gaming acharya for the next Path to Nowhere Stargazer article, as all the details about the Stargazer sinner in Path to Nowhere like skills, shackles, stats, abilities, powers, characteristics, basic attacks, leader skills and overview of the girl have all been mentioned here.

Stay tuned to us for more about stargazer team build, strategy in Path to Nowhere officially. Keep following gaming acharya for more E-Sports news and gaming contents here. Share your comments on the comment box below here.

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