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Destiny 2 x Witcher 3: Release Date, Cosmetics & More!

Bungie shares the Twitter post where he tells players about the Destiny 2 x Witcher 3 Collaboration. In this collaboration, he also shared what we can expect from it. Witcher 3 x Destiny 2 Collab brings many Witcher themes and items to the game. Disco Liberation is going to be great and at the same time thrilling where you have to complete lots of challenges and get the Witcher 3 skins and cosmetics also.

Here in this article, we do a full walk-through on Destiny 2 x Witcher. We will tell you what things you should expect from this collaboration and also tell you the release date. So let’s see what we gonna get from Witcher 3 x Destiny 2 collab.

Destiny 2 x Witcher 3

What We Can Expect For Destiny 2 x Witcher 3?

As I said Bungie shared an image that shows the upcoming collaboration with CD Project Red’s The Witcher. In this Twitter post, he gives a hint of what to expect from this collaboration. The Geralt of Rivia armor, due out November 28, includes armor ornaments, a Ghost shell, a ship, a Sparrow, an emote, and a finisher.

For the cosmetics, they take inspiration from the protagonist of The Witcher, Geralt of Rivia. It is because they want to give the look and feel of a professional Hunter to the guardians. The center set is worn by the Titan Glass which is based on the Geralts Kaer Morhen Armor from a famous series The Witcher 3. The Warlock class is inspired by the Ursine Armor, along the hunter class is inspired by Cat School Armor.

Destiny 2 x Witcher 3

What Is The Release Date Of Witcher 3 x Destiny 2 Collab?

Many of you have questions that when will be Destiny 2 x Witcher 3 happen. The collaboration is expected to happen alongside Destiny 3 Season Of The Wish, which is also the first reference to Witcher’s book, The Last Wish. Bungie has another easy reference which is the second Witcher book “The Sword of Destiny”.

Destiny 2 x Witcher 3


As Destiny 2 is not performing well for the player the developers decided to extend The Final Shape which can bring things back a little. And the Witcher 3 x Destiny 2 Collab is exciting for both fans of Destiny 2 and the Witcher. The cosmetics and other stuff are looking amazing and the timing of the release alongside the season of Wish is perfect. This may help the company to boost player engagement and sales. Are you excited about this collaboration, to use the cosmetics in Destiny 2 x Witcher?

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