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Thanksgiving Event In NBA 2K24: How To Participate And Complete It?

The new edition of the Thanksgiving event in NBA 2K24 is now arrived. Players are eagerly waiting for this new event addiction where they will get to complete challenges and get huge rewards. However, it is an unlimited-time event that allows players to get the reward when they complete the mural and traditional Thanksgiving Day dishes.

Here in this article, we will walk through the Thanksgiving Event in NBA 2K24, where we will see about the event, Start and end date, How to participate and What is the reward after completing the event. We will also give you some other updates that you should know about NBA 2k24.

Thanksgiving event in nba 2k24

What Is The End Date Of Thanksgiving Event In NBA 2K24?

The NBA 2k24 Thanksgiving event is an unlimited-time event that gives you a chance to earn a reward by completing mural and traditional Thanksgiving Day dishes. This event is a fun and challenging way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday and also improve your 2K Team Squad by their rewards.

The NBA 2k24 Thanksgiving Event started on 22 November 2023 and will soon end on 26 November 2023. This means you have only four days to complete the challenge so keep these dates in your mind. But the question is how to participate in the event so in the next paragraph we will see all this.

How To Participate In NBA 2K24 Thanksgiving Event?

If you want to participate in the Thanksgiving event then you must play NBA 2K24 on my team excluding challenge mode, Triple thread online: Co-Op, and play with friends to get the Thanksgiving packs.

In this pack, you have to collect 15 special cards which feature traditional Thanksgiving Day dishes. Once you collect all 15 cards you will complete the Thanksgiving mural and earn rewards.

Thanksgiving event in nba 2k24

How To Complete The Thanksgiving Event in NBA 2k24?

Like I said you have to earn Thanksgiving packs and collect all 15 dish cards of traditional Thanksgiving Day dishes to complete the event.

To Earn Thanksgiving Event Packs:

There are two ways to get Thanksgiving packs first is to win NBA 2K24 MyTeam games, as you get a Thanksgiving pack for every game you win. The games included in NBA 2K24 MyTeam exclude challenge mode, Triple thread online: Co-Op, and play with friends.

And then another way is to purchase the Thanksgiving packs from the store. You can purchase it by empty coins which is the game currency of NBA 2k24.

Collect 15 Cards Of Traditional Thanksgiving Day Dishes:

Each card featured a different day’s dish like roasted Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, curry, cranberry, sauce, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie. You can find all these 15 different day dishes cards in Thanksgiving packs.

Completing the Thanksgiving Mural:

If you want to complete the Thanksgiving Mural, you have to collect all 15 dishes cards. The Mural is a digital image where each dish represents a different part of the feast. So we have to place each dish in its correct slot to complete the Thanksgiving Mural.


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