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Bloons TD 6 Dart Monkey Complete Guide & Tips!

The Bloons TD 6 Dart Monkey is your savior every time. This very first monkey tower is still dominating the game everywhere. Dart Monkey is an attacking hero and keeps shooting darts from all ends.

The darts from the Dart Monkey pop Bloons and to increase these Bloons, you must all upgrade his character. In the Bloons TD 6, the dart monkey can be purchased for $240.

The Dart Monkey also belongs to the primary monkey class. Dart monkey excels in attacking long and close range Bloons. It has two special abilities to win challenges.

Bloons TD 6 Dart Monkey

Bloons TD 6 Dart Monkey Complete Guide & Tips!

Bloons TD 6 Dart Monkey

Super Monkey and Plasma Monkey are two abilities for the Bloons TD 6 Dart Monkey. This can be used to increase your attacks too. Use every skill and also the team combinations is essential to win matches here.

The maximum range for the Dart Monkey is 32. But this can easily be extended with new upgrades. Increasing the tiles and range is essential to attack faster. Also it gives you a massive advantage too. BTD6 dart monkey world on all types of maps and its cannons can fire and shoot some powerful darts.BTD6 dart monkey will be your primary bloon for all challenges on all maps and locations. Use its skills and win challenges easily too.

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About the Game

Bloons TD is a massive fps and tower defense game that’s coming from the makers named Ninja Kiwi. BTD is played on 2.5D, 3Dand 2D too. This game can be played with your mates.

Use your monkeys and build some defense towers and save them against all bloons. Bloons Tower Defense always has many in-game modes and challenges for players too.Monkey Money is the currency you receive as a reward too. Get new monkeys and also enhance their skills every time too.

This colorful game has many skills and all you need to do is complete the modes. Chimps mode is the final mode of Bloons TD which will also eventually complete your game too.

Chimps mode will also get you some Chimps medals too. You can use Bloons with high damage powers. Always upgrade your monkeys of Bloons TD to get some exclusive cosmetics and other rewards too.

This amazing Bloons TD game is available for all platforms. Bloons TD Battles, Bloons TD 6 are all some amazing games for mobiles. Every chapter has different stages and you will also play on all new maps.

Bloons TD is also a free-to-play game currently. Play the game and unleash the skills of all bloons to dominate the game. Every bloon can be your game changer too.

The next entrant from the Bloons TD franchise is obviously the Bloons TD 7. Let’s wait for more official release date updates of BTD7 sooner than expected.


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