Coral Island Scott Heart Events 2023- Complete Guide

Hello there, the latest event in the coral island is now live which is the Coral Island Scott Heart event. Coral Island releases various events in the game and the Scott Heart is the latest one in the events.

As Coral Island is full of events for every character there are so many events there and time it’s for Scott and the Event name is Heart. We will discuss all the details regarding this latest Scott Heart Coral Island event. As well as the complete details of this event and rewards will all be discussed below.

Coral Island Scott Heart Event: Complete guide Nov 2023

Coral Island Scott Heart event

This is the complete guide for the Coral Island Scott Heart Event 2023. This event takes place on any day on the coral island between the time 10:00 to 13:00 every day. This event takes place at the community centre library where the player character Scott crashes Tillie’s Computer there. A detailed description of the event is provided below.

Coral Island Scott Heart events: Complete detailed guide

This section will cover the complete incidents that happened in the event after Scott entered the community centre library. So keep reading.

The conversation between the Scott and the player starts there. which is all described here:

Says Scott:  Scott is irritated with something and says Ugh this thing.

The player says: any problems you are facing?

Says Scott: No just Nothing

The player says: hey are you sure to be allowed to be here?

Says Scott: Of course why not should I be allowed?

Says Scott: I’m irritated with the computer here and have restarted the whole system but all the stuff here is now messed up. And I can’t even tell Millie about all this stuff as even after working in her department I am not allowed to do such things. Here

Players continue to look at him

Scott says: Scott at this stage says don’t look at me like this as the computer is now crashed and what can we do now?

The player says: you can tell Millie about all such stuff. She would have known what can be done now.

Scott says: telling Millie will not prove to be a good idea we can tell to Lily and are you coming with me to find Lily?

Player: hey have you ever asked Lily to help you?

Says Scott: this can be a good idea Let’s find out the lily where she is now.

The player says: let’s hope Millie won’t use the computer until it gets fixed.

When the players enter the town the event gets started:

Scott and the player find out that Lily is there and tell her the whole story, lily agrees to fix the computer and goes with them. After the computer gets fixed Millie arrives and asks them why are all here and they tell her everything. Finally, Millie says thanks the computer is now fixed.

Heart Events Coral Island: Detailed guide Nov 2023

Coral Island Scott Heart Events

As you all know the new heart event for the Scott character in the Coral Island game is now available and the heart event is the most popular and important as you can earn the hearts. As every Corel island knows, the importance of the hearts in the games.  The hearts are so useful whenever you try to make any relationship you will need the hearts.


This Post has covered this complete guide on the Coral Island Scott heart event as well as explained the detailed guide event in the above section which will clear everything about this event.

Any further information regarding this latest event update in the Coral Island Scott Heart event will all be updated here.

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