Death Must Die Builds: Top Best To Use!

Using the right Death Must Die Builds can make lots of difference in the game. As to complete the challenge you know combat and also have strategic thinking. This will make a major difference in your quest and increase the chances of victory in any challenges. But to find the Death Must Die Best Builds is a little different as the playstyle of every player is different from each other.

So we have to choose the build that suits our playstyle. And here in this article, we will discuss all about the Top Builds for Death Must Die. We will guide you on how to craft a perfect build which will help you in all aspects whether you unleash the attack or defend your teammates it will work in all situations.

Death Must Die Builds

Top Death Must Die Builds:-

The game allows players to experiment with builds and strategies to complete the challenges. These players can know which Death Must Die Best Build is suitable according to their place and time. Here are some Top builds for the Death Must Die Game, that you can use in every challenge.

  1. Easy Wins Build
  2. Max Difficulty Build
  3. Skadi Mobility/DPS Build

Death Must Die Builds

1. Easy Wins Build: 

As per its name, this build has efficiency and effectiveness aiming for countless winds in the challenges. It is a combination of Melee and arranged weapons which gives huge damage output. In this build the primary weapons are Assault Rifle and Shotguns and the secondary weapons are pistols or SMGs. And for Melee combat it uses Axe or Machete for victory.

Active Skill – It focuses on temporary damage boosts like a rush in adrenaline and Berserker Rage.

Passive Skill – These kills have a priority of survivability and output damage such as damage boost or health boost to increase the damage potential.

Gear –

  • For damage bonuses use Death Mask or Demon Mask.
  • For protection, it uses heavy armor or medium armor.
  • For damage mitigation use a Juggernaut helmet or Ram Skull helmet.


2. Max Difficulty Build: 

If you use this Death Must Die Best Build you can tag girls at any highest difficulty level in the game. As it has resilience and crowd control. Etios heavy weapons and shotguns as a primary weapon and SMG and or pistol as a secondary weapon. For the melee combat, it uses Riot Shield or Shiel Bash.

Active Skill – Its main focus is stocking and controlling enemies.

Passive Skill – This skill helps in your survival options such as damage reduction or health boost to enhance resilience.

Gear –

  • For damage bonus or survivability choose the Juggernaut Mask and Ram skull Mask.
  • For Max protection use heavy armor or Jagannath armor.
  • For damage mitigation and survivability use a Shield helmet or Juggernaut helmet.

Death Must Die Builds

3. Skadi Mobility Build: 

The main priority of this Death Must Die build is mobility and damage per second to get the win in the highest difficulty level. It uses Skadi’s character and her abilities to deal a large amount of damage while staying still and avoiding enemies’ attacks. Her ability to suggest an ice attack dash helps to reposition quickly and control the field. This makes her an amazing character or we can say a formidable force that is difficult to defeat.


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