How To Use Apex Legends Invisible Glitch? #2

Apex Legends Invisible Glitch issue that gives players a unfair advantage in the match. This Invisible Glitch Apex Legends allows you to become invisible which makes it difficult to track you and hit you. This Apex Legends invisible glitch is very frustrating for those who don’t know how to activate and for the other players who know how to use an invisible glitch in Apex Legends, they have the upper hand in the game.

However, using Apex Legends Invisible glitch is against the game policy guideline and there are many consequences. Here in this article, we will discuss how invisible glitch appears and how it works. We will also give you some tips that will help you avoid getting caught using the Invisible Glitch Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Invisible Glitch

When The Apex Legends Invisible Glitch First Appear?

The Invisible Glitch Apex Legends first appear after the most recent update. The bug was first reported on 10 November, 2023, as players were unaware about this glitch and now they know how it is used. Some take advantage of the invisible glitch Apex Legends, whereas some are frustrated as they don’t like other players to use it because it is unfair.

If you want to use this Glitch you have to trigger it when you are being revived by your teammate. We have full information on how to use Invisible Glitch in Apex Legends, we will talk about this in the next paragraph. As the developer responds entertainment is now aware of Apex Legends Invisible Glitch and may be there working on a fix.

They also request players to report this glitch so this may help them to understand and fix it as soon as possible. But we don’t know how much time it will take to fix it which is frustrating for many players. Let’s see more about how to use Invisible Glitch Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Invisible Glitch

How To Use Invisible Glitch In Apex Legends?

It is unclear when will be the fix of the invisible glitch will get release, and before that, you can use it in the match. If you want know how to use invisible Glitch in Apex Legends follow this simple instruction I made for you to understand it.

  • To activate it you have to use Ash’s Unseen finishers on the players while he is being revived.
  • And when the Ash’s Unseen finishers are interrupted, it will make him invisible.
  • Then you have to revive your invisible teammate and once it revives he can still use its weapons and abilities in the match.

Apex Legends Invisible Glitch


It seems fun but also has many risks such as you can get banned from the game. This Apex Legends Invisible Glitch also ruins the gaming experience for the players who didn’t use this Glitch. And it may also make you lose your progress in the game. So, before using Invisible Glitch Apex Legends, we would suggest you consider this risk also. We don’t think it is a great deal to use Apex Legends invisible Glitch if you get ban or lose your progress in the game.

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