Apex Legends 2.38 Updated Patch Notes: Everything You Need To Know!

Apex Legends 2.38 update Patch Notes is releasing soon, as it has to release yesterday, but he delayed. As the official sir doing investigation and fixing the bugs in Apex Legends 2.38 patch notes. According to the official these Apex Legends update 2.38 patch notes is for PS4, PC and Xbox.

As the previous update is unable to fix some of the major bugs which continue to create problem in Apex legend. So the official decided to give Apex Legends 2.38 update and hoping that it will solve all the major bugs and issues in the game. As this patch notes also covered the bugs who are reported by the players. But it is not officially release date as it is in a process, but it will release soon. So let’s see what we will going to get in Apex Legends update 2.38 patch notes.

Apex Legends 2.38

Apex Legends 2.38 Patch Notes:-

I saw this Apex Legends 2.38 patch notes, and it seems to like a small update with only focus to fix major bugs and done some performance and balance improvement in the game. As, the performance and balance place a critical role in the match. If the performance is not good, then the experience of playing a game will be bad. Here is the patch notes which we will be going to see in Apex Legends 2.38 update:


  • Investigating Why Nvidia Reflex is greyed out
  • Investigating why the game is crashing because of console language is unsupported.
  • Investigating why the damage ratio of energy Barricade is larger than the indicated VFX.
  • Investigating why players ate getting stuttering in gameplay when they play at 165+ FPS.
  • Investigating why Bullet tracer VFX offset when strafing
  • Investigating Legends can rotate when exiting Trident
  • Investigating when loading the map why Crashes referencing FS_CheckAsyncRequestThis many things are being investigated by the officials, and it will surely fix in the upcoming Apex Legends 2.38 patch. With there are many bugs which are in process of fixed by the developer. Here are the fix in progress:

Apex Legends 2.38

Fix In Progress:

  • Fixing EAC error with Steam Deck/Linux
  • Fixing the problem where Matulog ka na lang quip incorrect
  • Button prompts not appear in the death screen.
  • Fix the problem where Damage Dealt challenges is not tracking the negative damages.
  • Fixing the problem where the ranked mode, not able to unlock until you reach level 51

You will see all the bug fix in Apex Legends 2.38 Patch Notes, but you have to wait until its release. Don’t worry, it will release very soon as half of the work is already done, and they’re working on the other part. So it will take no time to release Apex Legends 2.38 update.


In the end, I just want to say that you have to wait for the release date to get all this fix bugs in Apex Legends. Also it will release on this month only, so make sure to check the updates on daily basic. So this is for you: if you like our post and find it interesting, then please make sure to subscribe to Gaming Acharya.

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