Post Malone x Apex Legends: New Cosmetics, LTM, and Challenges Revealed! #2

The famous Hollywood rapper Post Malone surprisingly announced Post Malone x Apex Legends crossover event. As both his fans and players are very excited to hear this news. In his tweet, he announced Apex Legend X Post Malone crossover event, which brings new and exciting content to the game. I am personally very excited to see what they will bring in Apex Legends x Post Malone in-game event.

However, it is a great opportunity for both his fans and the game players to show their support to their favorite game, and artist. In this article, we will discuss the Post Malone x Apex Legends announcement on Twitter and also speculate what will expect to see in this in-game event. So let’s drive into the information and start the article.


Post Malone x Apex Legends

Post Malone x Apex Legends Crossover In-game Event:-

The Apex Legends x Post Malone in-game event set to be run on 7 November 2023, and it will last for two weeks. In Post Malone surprise, tweet share a teaser where he is laying down in a floor and asking for revive. It is not clear that what event will be going to happen in this collaboration. But in the banner the Post Malone himself wearing a obtain skin so I think that in this event they will give at least one Post Malone favorite octane skin.

Post Malone x Apex Legends

Also, there may be a time-limited mode or maybe some specific challenges which we have to complete to get rewards or new octane skin. But it is just an expectation because nothing is cleared yet, and we don’t know what other content will be included in Post Malone Event Apex Legends.

We have to patiently wait for the official announcement, as we only know the release date of this cross over event. However, here are some of my expectations which I want from this Post Malone x Apex Legends collaboration.

Note: This is just an author expections form this Post Malone x Apex Legends crossover, and it is not any information regards the upcoming in-game event. Apex Legends is not announce and updates yet.

What I Expect From Post Malone x Apex Legends Crossover Event?

Whenever we heard any collaboration with artist and a game and both the Artist and the games are our favorite, then the expectation will be high from them. And in Apex Legends x Post Malone expect New cosmetics, limited time mode, Event specific challenges and also in-game concert of my favorite Post Malone.

Post Malone x Apex Legends

  • New cosmetics: In think that Apex Legend will add one new octane skin. And can also add new skin for other Legends as well as skin for their weapons, charms and banners.
  • Limited-time mode: Apex Legends should add a new limited time mode, which is inspired by Post Malone’s music for his favorite Legends.
  • Event-specific challenges: In Post Malone Event Apex Legends I expect challenges which rewards me many exclusive rewards and other items in the game.
  • In-game concert: I would like to see an in-game concert of Post Malone where all players watch him to perform live. I don’t think it will happen, but I expect Apex legend that maybe it is possible to do in this event.


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