Blasphemous Library Of Negated Words: How To Get Through?

Blasphemous Library Of Negated Words and ancient book with a manuscript and artifacts having forbidden secrets and knowledge. We can say it is a place where what can be dangerous and only brave players can enter and complete the challenge.

Here in this article we will discuss all the library of negated words in Blasphemous, and how to overcome these dangerous words and find powerful artifacts and secrets. Let’s join us on a journey to know all these things and complete the challenges in between. We will guide you in each step and collect many rewards.

Blasphemous library of negated words

Blasphemous Library Of Negated Words:-

A blasphemous library of negated words is a powerful place where the words may cause you damage. This library is created by a dark one, a powerful figure who is supposed to protect the people from evil magic. But the Dark One guards forbidden knowledge and converts the library into a heaven for those who unlock the secrets.

But to unlock the secrets is not simple as the library is guarded by go-sleep figures who protect the Eden treasures. All The goats are invisible until you interact with the book and once you interact or touch or book they will appear and harm you. However, if you deal with those ghosts of Blasphemous’s library of negated words, you will surely get powerful artifacts and secrets that will help you in further game.

Blasphemous library of negated words

How To Get Through The Blasphemous Library of Negated Words Area?

To get through the library of negated words in Blasphemous, climb down to the ladder and move through the door which is on the left.

You will reach a room where you will need to pull a lever and move the platform around. Once you do it then climb up and pick a sacrum of Dark Warlock.

Go down and pull the lever, then follow the platform in the middle of the room. Climb up and get the Cherub which is on the right. After that pull the liver and jump on the platform.

Then go to the door and use the Prie Dieu Checkpoint. You will see a Silvered Lung of dolphins, equipped with it and go to the room on the left.

You will interact with the enemies take down those enemies then leave the room. Once you get out of the room you will come close to a chest but to open it you have to beat the enemy. After beating an enemy you can open the chest and you will get Amber Eye.

Then go back to the right back through the door to Prie Dieu. You have to climb up but you also have to also careful with the Purple beams.

Climb up and deal with specters and numb with a floating head. When you reach the top take the ladder up and you will know back at the Patio of silent steps.

Blasphemous library of negated words


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