All Roboquest Data Log Locations 2023!

Finding all Roboquest data log locations is never an easy job for you all. As these data logs are located in different locations and every chapter also has these. Here are all Roboquest data log locations here in ga end.

But to find the data log, you will also require some items and equipment like Grappling Hook, Rocket Pants triple jump, Jetpack Pogostick, Rocket jumping and more.With major and more jump upgrades, you can procure all Data logs in Roboquest easily too.

Roboquest data log locations

Once you enter all locations to grand data log in Roboquest, you must also shoot enemies and then use guns to shoot the Data-Log to claim them. Every location has some enemies spawning over there.

Roboquest data log locations

All Roboquest Data Log Locations 2023!

The best locations to find Data Log in Roboquest are many. You will get many wrenches by picking up each of these Data Log too. Also each Data-Log gives you +3 wrenches and they are all found across the map.

Every map also has many data logs, so the best locations to find Data Log in Roboquest for November 2023 are these right now for the latest patch update version in the game,

Roboquest data log locations

  • Quarry
  • Ruins
  • Oasis
  • Energy Center
  • Camps
  • Fields
  • Aqua Station
  • Haven City
  • Canyons
  • District XIII

These are the best spots to pick up Data-Logs in the Roboquest game patch update version 1.0 right now. As all data log locations for Roboquest v1.0 are mentioned here, you can all proceed to claim them and win battles easily too.

About the Game

Roboquest is a fast-paced FPS and roguelite game from the team of RyseUp Studios.

You role is a rebooted Guardian, join with buddies and kick out those bots from the environment. This game has lots of roguelite mechanics.

You can play as a single player or even through the co-op mode. You can explore the entire randomly generated environments with your friends and take up new jobs and exclusive tasks. The game is highly engaging as well.

Pick your grenades, explosive tools, rifles and bombs for completing boss battles. Craft resources and upgrade your equipment. Your basecamp is what your location is.

The storyline takes place in the future world of Roboquest where all robots are evolved in the year 2700. All humans struggle in the desert and you play as a young and passionate girl,

Max. Max has to join with an old guardian robot and her scavenging skills will be useful too. Max is not only the lone scavenger in this world right now.

Explore all mysterious ruins, canyons and deserts with the guardian and max and discover some secrets. The evil bots will start to invade and your primary goal of Roboquest is only to destroy them completely.

Choose different classes for all your drones and robots, form a powerful build and then proceed to take up challenges ahead. You have to utilize your mastery and then also collect some wrenches to upgrade all your basecamps. Each playthrough has different runs and you can also unlock new gameplay elements with new basecamps too.

Public matchmaking and cross-platform are the other best features of Roboquest currently in the game too. These are all epic features for all players of a first-person shooter game right now.

Overall this Roboquest game is available for Xbox consoles and GeForce Now right now. This is only a console game, so you can’t play it on PC right now.

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