My Time At Sandrock Cheery Conspiracy Quest Guide 2023!

My Time at Sandrock Cheery Conspiracy is a new side-quest to play right now. This side mission also grants you new rewards for you all. The cheery conspiracy in My Time at Sandrock quest guide and exclusive walkthrough is here at our GA guide end now.

After completing the Saving Private Raven quest, you can unlock this new challenge too. Cheery Conspiracy in My Time at Sandrock tasks you with different exclusive objectives too. You have to be a X raven and also then attain the Buddy relationship.

For this cheery conspiracy quest, players also have to speak to the resident Arvio and he is also the owner for the shop By the Stairs. His brother Amirah will also help you throughout this new quest too.

my time at sandrock cheery conspiracy

My Time At Sandrock Cheery Conspiracy Quest Guide 2023!

my time at sandrock cheery conspiracy

Travel to this shop called Fang and X Clinic and then complete all basic objectives too. This quest is longer than usual and you must wait for some interactions to end too.

Find the kidnapped X and then also beat the Masked Man too. You must also give some to Fang before you proceed to find the other guests too. So, take your equipment and tools, weapons and carry them to complete this job.

Complete this game and earn some new resources to complete your buildings in My Time At Sandrock game currently. That’s how this entire My Time At Sandrock Cheery Conspiracy challenge in 2023 can be completed too.

About the Game

My Time at Sandrock is a sandbox and life sim game from Pathea Games. Here, you will play as a builder and explore the desert locations too. You have to craft resources using tools and materials. Build new buildings, machines and workshops. Also, take your business to the next level too.

The town is running short of money and to overcome the economical crisis, you must all build buildings and also run a successful oil production facility. Your own town of Portia is your city to start the game.

The storyline takes place in a nes post-apocalyptic world 330 years just after the Day of Calamity which demolished all modern day technologies.

Pa’s workshop has to be reconstructed too. Cultivate crops and commissions, then you can also feed animals too. Take your first offer at the city and embark on your builder journey right now in the game too.

You must also face against monsters and other enemies and protect yourselves too. Save your building bases and increase your wealth. This is your only goal in My Time at Sandrock.

You can purchase new machines and craft buildings. Sandrock should flourish and you should be able to accumulate more money for the game too. My Time at Sandrock is an incredible crafting simulation game right now to play too.

Use your worktable and get unique items. Your homestead is amazing and then also gift items to all residents. The old world relics are also required for purchase and you can dig deeper in the city locations to get these resources too.

Complete all new jobs and tasks which will also help you all to progress in the game too. Overall this My Time at Sandrock is also a good game too. You can play this amazing game on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S too.


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