MLBB x Naruto Shippuden Collaboration: Know The Fact!

Have you heard about MLBB x Naruto collaboration? I don’t weather is really going to happen or it’s only a rumor. But let’s talk about MLBB x Naruto Shippuden, as the leaks said it will be sun buff. Hearing this MLBB x Naruto collaboration news, I think both game and anime fans will excite.

However, here in this article we will tell what we learn from the rumors and leaks. We will shear all information what we know about this MLBB x Naruto Shippuden Collab and what will going to happen. If this collaboration happens, then Naruto will surely be coming in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. On the top of that, I will give you some leaks on Naruto Skills and Attack He can use in the game.

MLBB x Naruto

MLBB x Naruto Shippuden Collaboration Leaks:-

According to the leaks, Naruto is coming as a sun buff, and you can use all his skill and attacks which he uses in the anime series. His attack including Shadow Clone jutsu, rasengan, rasenshuriken and you can also use the cloak which is very powerful. But this is just an expectation as there is no confirmation weather MLBB x Naruto Shippuden is going to happen pr not.

But you know fans have their expectations from the game. They want Naruto to use all his Shippuden skills in the game. Because he only uses his Shadow clone jutsu which is not enough to defeat the opponents. I saw one video where Naruto shadow clone also use Rasengan and deal same damage as real Naruto. However, this decision must be taken by the official weather they want to collaborate with Naruto Shippuden.

MLBB x Naruto

What Players Expect From MLBB x Naruto Shippuden?

See every player have their favorite character in Shippuden, and they expect to use their favorite one in the game. No dought that Naruto Shippuden is popular anime, but there are other famous characters also. Kakashi, Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha, Neji, Hinata, Rock Lee, Gara and more who played important role in Shippuden.

Official have to add some of the character in this collaboration if it confirms. But we have been patient and wait for the official announcement to come. Let’s see what will happen.

What Will Be The Release Date Of MLBB x Naruto?

There is no confirmation of this MLBB x Naruto collaboration, so there is no point of release date. First let the official confirm this leaks then they will schedule the release date, event and other things.


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