Exoprimal Monster Hunter Collab: Release Date, New Skins, Mission Challenges & More!

Exoprimal Monster Hunter Collab trailer is out and let me talk you guys, this second capcom collaboration is going to get very thrilling. In the update 3, We will be going to see our favorite character in collaborative mission hunt. The official also adds suit skins in Exoprimal x Monster Hunter Collab.¬†Here we will discuss the trailer and also the new updates which you need to know. So let’s land on the ground of Exoprimal and hunt the king of the skies.

Exoprimal Monster Hunter Collab

Exoprimal Monster Hunter Collab: New Mission, Skins, Rewards And More:-

Exoprimal x Monster Hunter Collaboration is set to release on 18, January 2024. Devil collaborates with Monster Hunter by adding content in next update 3. You will see some challenges in this collaboration which we have to complete by joining forces. The recent release trailer, who gives the glimpse of the collaboration, means what will going to happen on Season 3.

Exoprimal Monster Hunter Collab

English collaboration we will also see new suit skins, decals, charms, stamps, and emotes which is totally based on our famous Monster Hunter franchise. As there are no enough information on Exoprimal x Monster Hunter Collab, so we have to wait for the next updates.

Rathalos itself transport to Exoprimal from the world of Monster hunters. This collaboration offers a special collaborative mission to hunt down the king of skies. By gathering The Monster tracks on the field and hunting The Monster to complete the challenges in Exoprimal Monster Hunter, Collab will be going to very amazing experience for both game fans.

Exoprimal Monster Hunter Collab

Exoprimal Monster Hunter Collab Trailer Walkthrough:-

Here is a small walk through of Exoprimal x Monster Hunter Collab trailer. If you don’t watch the trailer, then you should read this.

In the trailer of Exoprimal Monster Hunter Collaboration, you will see many new Monster Hunter exosuit skins which are available to use. The armor skins Introduce in Exoprimal x Monster Hunter Collab are Rathalos, Kirin and Nergigante.

Exoprimal Monster Hunter Collab

Rathalos is fighting with monster and transported to the Exoprimal with other two Hunters to help defeat the Monster boss named King Of Skies. They have to join forces and kill the King of Skies to complete the collaborative mission.

There is also an exosuit skin which have close resemblance to Rajang. In this Exoprimal Monster Hunter Collab you will be going to see new maps, new rigs and modules. However, the trailer was amazing and also create excitement amongst the players. But we have to wait for the mission schedule, Rathalos’s spawn conditions, and more.

Exoprimal Monster Hunter Collab


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