NBA 2k24 shot timing visual cue: Tips To Use All Option For Top Speed!

NBA 2k24 shot timing visual cue: NBA 2K24 come up with new upgrades in the shooting timing feature. As NBA 2k24 shot timing visual cue is the main factor in the game for a player to shot in fast and time. It helps you to change the timing of shooting when players press the button to release the shot. It does not affect on the actual speed of shooting.

This picture is similar to NBA 2k23 but has some upgrade in 2k24. And here in this article we will see what upgrade is done to this feature and how we can master these features. We will learn all about NBA 2k24 shot timing visual cue. And also guide you how you can improve the shot timing Cue in NBA 2K24.

NBA 2k24 shot timing visual cue

What Is NBA 2k24 Shot Timing Visual CUE?

Basically, NBA 2K24 shot timing visual cue is a setting which allows player to set timing of their shots as according to their preference. Because every player have their different way of playing and different timing of shooting, so this features help you in the shot timing.

But it does not mean that it will change your speed of shooting a ball. It just changes the timing of shooting as the player prefers. To make you understand in NBA 2K23 this feature has four types of shot timing visual cue which name as Very Early, Early, Very Late and Late.

NBA 2k24 shot timing visual cue

  1. In NBA 2k24 Very Early replace with Jump which is which give player option who want to shoot quickly as possible. So when you press jump, the release of the ball is earlier than the other.
  2. Whereas Early is replaced with Set Point which is the option of a between quickly shot or accurate shot timing you release, your shot will be in the mid of green timing.
  3. The Very Later is replaced with release which is the option where player who wants to focus on their accuracy and speed full stop it helps played to make shot later than the others.
  4. And Later is replaced with push, which is the option similar to the release, but it is later. Which means when you release your short will be later than the release.

However, it is up to you of what should timing visual cue option you choose as your gaming preference. As some wants fast shot timing and some want accurate or later show timing visual cue. Choose as per your requirement and like.

This must be pretty difficult to use because this feature is new an upgraded so it will take new players to understand and master. If you want to understand and choose the right NBA 2K24 shoot timing visual cue then here are some tips which can help you to improve.

NBA 2k24 shot timing visual cue

How To Improve Your NBA 2k24 Shot Timing Visual CUE?

For the player who new in a game, then I suggest you to use release and push option as this will give you sometime to release your short. And this will help you to understand the shooting timing, so use release and push first if you are new in the game.
For the experience player who know this four shoot timing visual you then I suggest you to go with jump and set points options.

These two options will allow you to shoot more fast, but you have to understand because they are little difficult to operate. As you are an experienced player, I know that you will understand quickly by playing one or two time.


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