NBA 2k24 Face Scan Issues: Reason & How To Fix It?

The new features in NBA 2k24 where players can make their own avatar by scanning the face. But for some time players are facing NBA 2K24 Face Scan Issues where they are not able to scan their face. This NBA 2K24 Face Scan error is encountered by majority of players.

If you’re one of this player and not able to personalize your own avatar then do no worry. In this article, we will guide to fix the NBA 2K24 Face Scan Issues. We will share you some possible reasons which make cause NBA 2K24 Face Scan error. You can now easily fix your error in NBA 2K24 Face Scan.

NBA 2k24 Face Scan Issues

What Is The Reason Of NBA 2k24 Face Scan Issues?

See to make your own Avatar you have to scan your face on NBA 2k24 which is the same process as other face detection in mobile where you scan your face for app locks. So the reason of failure of NBA 2k24 scan make some common reasons like camera, angle, position, changes, some external factors and appearance also.

If your camera is not good or blurry, it may also cause the NBA 2K24 Face Scan Issues. That your camera is clean and working properly, so it may not cause any problem while scanning your face.

Change in angle is one of the factors which may also cause NBA 2K 24 scan error, so make sure that you are in right angle and follow the instruction as given while containing the process.

If your device having any problem like software bug and hardware issue then it is also the reason of NBA 2K24 Face Scan Issues.

And also check whether your facial recognition is working properly or not as this maybe one of the factor which is causing error in NBA 2K 24 scan. Engineering in your face eyes may also affect the facial recognition if you have any, then you know why NBA 2k24 scan issue is occurring.

While NBA 2k24 developer has not announced any statement on this issue. The reason of this problem may also occur from their side also. If you check all the factors, then this may be for the side of the game.

NBA 2k24 Face Scan Issues

How to fix NBA 2k24 Face Scan Issues?

Fix for NBA 2K24 Face Scan Issues is common like position, angle, appearance, lighting, device or more. All this factor is tips you earlier in the reason. Here is the more fix tips which may help you solve the NBA 2K24 Face Scan error.

  • Make Sure Your App is updated: 

To check if your app is updated if not go to the Google Play Store or for iOS go to the App Store. If you don’t know, then follow these steps:

For Android Mobile:

  • Go the Google Play Store app.
  • Open the menu place in the top lest corner.
  • Select NBA 2k24 from the list.
  • See whether your app is updated or not.
  • Tap on Update.

NBA 2k24 Face Scan Issues

For iOS Mobile:

  • First open the App Store for your mobile.
  • Go to the profile.
  • Check weather NBA 2K24 is updated or not
  • If not updated, then click on update.

If all of this fix not your and you’re still getting NBA 2K24 Face Scan error. Then you can file your report related to scan issue to NBA 2K24 customer support.


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