Valorant Patch Notes 7.08 delayed until next week? – Fact on it!

I am very confused about the Leaks of Valorant Patch notes 7.08 as the Episode 7 Act 2 is going to be end and still they’re giving patch notes to improve. (PBE) Public Beta Environment servers leaked that Valorant patch 7.08 will release on 5th October 2023, but I saw one tweet where users said that the Valorant 7.08 patch notes is delayed by one week. And now Valorant patch 7.08 release date will be 13 October 2023.

However, I really wonder That where they are getting this information and why always they’re getting half information to miss lead us. As there are no any official announcement or statement on this debate. So further in this article I will share the information that I get from different platforms and speculate about what I expect should come in Valorant patch notes 7.08.

Valorant patch notes 7.08

Note: The author is simply expressing his view and speculating on Valorant patch notes 7.08. 

Valorant Patch Notes 7.08 Release Date:-

Since all know, the Public Beta Environment is a place where player has a chance to try the upcoming features and gameplay of latest patch notes in advance. Basically all the players are from Northern America region who get the opportunity to try the upcoming patch notes. This is only to suggest the developer where they have to improve so other player don’t need to face any bugs or error.

They share the release date of patch notes from 7.08 to 8.00 and the release date of Valorant patch notes 7.08 will be 5 October 2023. And it also states that this date maybe change by the developer if they think that they need to do more work in the patch note. And then I saw a tweet few or hours ago where someone tweet that the Valorant 7.08 patch notes will delayed by one week and released on 13 October 2023.

Valorant patch notes 7.08

However, I suggest you that all the information is just a speculation because I didn’t see any official statement on it. So in my thinking we have to stick with the Riots Games for the information or leaks. So wait for the announcement or see whether Valorant patch notes 7.08 release or not. If it releases tomorrow, then Public Beta Environment is correct, and you can depend on them for further patch notes release date.

What I Expect From Valorant Patch Notes 7.08?

Yet not release any information of patch note 7.8 as few days ago they release patch note 7.07 where they introduce new features, Agent buffed and nerfed, maps update, competitive updates and bug fixes. And according to that, there are some things that I expect from Valorant patch 7.08.

Valorant patch notes 7.08

Agents Updates:-

As the team, regularly making changes on both agents, buff and nerf to improve and give more power to the agents. I want them to improve the ability of Brimstone’s Stim Beacon, compared to the other agents he is weak. So I want them to increase the Stim Beacon duration and movement speed in bonus.

And Yoru is a one of the agent who is very least played in the game. So I expect Riots Games to make improvements on it.

Maps Updates:-

For the map update, I expect that in Valorant patch notes 7.08 should make certain changes in the map geometry to improve the balance and competition in the game. It will be awesome if they add certain new maps in the Valorant patch 7.08.

Valorant patch notes 7.08

Bugs Fixes:-

And in the end, I expect that Valorant 7.08 patch notes will give a certain number of bug fixes. This may help to improve the over all stability of the game and improve the gaming experience of all the players full stop as I know Riots Games always working on the bugs to fix it.


This is a few things I want to share and speculate of Valorant patch notes 7.08. I don’t know how much information will be going to be correct because this only my opinion which I share with you guys. As I am still suggesting you that you have to stick with the official announcement and not fall for any unofficial rumors.

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