Imperium Bundle Valorant Price Skins Latest 2023

Valorant enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Imperium Bundle Valorant in Episode 7 Act 2, a collection that promises a feast for the eyes with its intricate gun skins, lavish melee weapon, and elegant animations. The Imperium Bundle introduces a captivating fusion of Chinese-themed dragons and regal gun designs. Here’s everything you need to know about this opulent bundle, from its release date and price to the exquisite skins and their variants.

Imperium Bundle Valorant Price Skins Latest 2023

The Valorant Imperium Bundle is set to grace the in-game store on August 29, coinciding with the grand entrance of Episode 7 Act 2. While the bundle exudes luxury and grandeur, its price tag reads 8700 Valorant Points (VP), translating to approximately $85. It’s important to note that the price might vary based on the region you’re in. Considering the limited availability of this lavish collection, players are advised to seize the opportunity as soon as it becomes accessible.

Imperium Bundle Valorant Price

As the Valorant landscape braces for significant agent balance adjustments, including nerfs to 11 agents like Jett, Astra, and Skye, the introduction of the Imperium Bundle adds an exciting layer to the gameplay experience. Centered around the captivating theme of the “Water Dragon,” the Imperium Bundle boasts a selection of meticulously crafted gun skins:

  • Imperium Sheriff (2175 VP)
  • Imperium Judge (2175 VP)
  • Imperium Vandal (2175 VP)
  • Imperium Operator (2175 VP)

While bugs and glitches may occasionally disrupt the gaming experience, the arrival of magnificent bundles like Imperium serves as a reminder of the beauty and dedication that developers invest in creating immersive worlds for players to explore, conquer, and adorn with unparalleled skins and designs.

Imperium Bundle Valorant Skins

In addition to the gun skins, the Valorant Imperium Bundle showcases a striking Imperium Melee (4350 VP), enhancing your arsenal with a truly majestic touch. This exquisite skinline is poised to captivate players who appreciate both the elegance of design and the allure of powerful weaponry. Each of the gun skins in the Imperium Bundle offers a remarkable array of four levels and four enchanting variants:

  • Default
  • Ruby
  • Pearl
  • Obsidian

These variants not only add a touch of personalization to your weapons but also reflect the opulence and diversity of the Imperium Bundle’s design. The Imperium Bundle in Valorant is not just a collection of skins; it’s an embodiment of grandeur, creativity, and meticulous craftsmanship. As players eagerly await its release on August 29, the virtual battlefields of Valorant are poised to witness a new level of elegance and power.

Imperium Bundle Valorant Price Skins Latest 2023

Variants of Valorant Imperium Bundle

As the bundle prepares to make its debut on August 29, players across the globe are eager to embrace the splendor it brings to the virtual battlefield. Categorized under the Exclusive tier, the Imperium skin bundle features a collection of five weapons, including four guns and a formidable melee weapon. While the entire bundle can be acquired for 8700 VP, the individual prices of the weapons are as follows:

  • Imperium Vandal – 2175 VP
  • Imperium Sheriff – 2175 VP
  • Imperium Operator – 2175 VP
  • Imperium Judge – 2175 VP
  • Blades of Imperium (Melee) – 4350 VP

The Imperium Bundle Valorant skin bundle also extends its elegance to other cosmetic items, including the Imperium Spray, Imperium Player Card, and Imperium Gun Buddy, each embodying the spirit of opulence and artistry. The skin variants present in the Imperium bundle further enhance its allure. From the enchanting Base Imperium in Jade and Gold to the vibrant Ruby, Pearl, and enigmatic Obsidian variants, each offers a unique expression of sophistication and mastery.

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