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How to get Soul Gargoyle Team Fortress 2?

How to get Soul Gargoyle Team Fortress 2: Soul Gargoyle Team Fortress 2 is a free item given to the player when you login to the screen Fortress event. The Soul Gargoyle TF2 is a very useful tool for the player who wants to take part in the Halloween festival or get new Halloween items. Without this tool, you will not be able to participate in the Halloween festival event, which means you will not be able to get Halloween items either.

In this article, we will tell you all about the amazing tool item Soul Gargoyle in Team Fortress 2. We will discuss this tool and tell you what it can do in the game. We will also tell you how to get Soul Gargoyle TF2 and how to use it against the enemy. So keep reading this article if you want to know all this in one place. Now, without any further delay, let’s drive into the article and learn all about this.

How to get Soul Gargoyle Team Fortress 2

How to get Soul Gargoyle Team Fortress 2?

To get Soul Gargoyle Team Fortress 2 there are two way. And by using each of thus way will surely give you Soul Gargoyle TF2.

The first way is Log in when the Scream Fortress event is running. Everyone who logs in to the official Scream Fortress event will be rewarded with a Soul Gargoyle. The Scream Fortress event takes place every year from October 26th – November 8th.

While the second to get Soul Gargoyle TF2 on Halloween map, nut you have to find it. Translucent green pickup Soul Gargoyles which is also known as Ghost Gargoyles spawn at random on most Halloween maps. Taking a Ghost Gargoyle will reward you with a Soul Gargoyle.

How to get Soul Gargoyle Team Fortress 2

How to use Soul Gargoyle TF2?

To make use of the Soul Gargoyle, users have to activate it in their inventory by right-clicking on on it. After activating the Soul Gargoyle, gamers are able to access Merasmissions as well as Halloween transmutes just right-clicking on it again.

Players must select three things from their inventory then click the Transmute button to perform a Halloween transmute. The item that has been transmuted will be added to the player’s inventory.

More About Soul Gargoyle Team Fortress 2 Tool:-

The Soul Gargoyle tool is an amazing tool in Team Fortress 2. It grants you access to the screen for the dress event every year. You can also use Soul Gargoyle TF2 to participate in Halloween transmutes. Which means you can transmute three unreadable and unmarketable Halloween items from past years.

How to get Soul Gargoyle Team Fortress 2

The Soul Gargoyle utilizes an Eldritch idol that was once evil and craves souls. It’s a demon statue with its right back claw on top of something. Souls can be earned by defeating opponents, performing merasmissions, and hunting soul gargoyles.

The Soul Gargoyle levels up at 666, 1337, 2000, and finally every 2000 souls. You can unlock new Halloween transmutes by leveling up the Soul Gargoyle.


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