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7DS Grand Cross Patch Notes: Recent Updates!

7DS Grand Cross patch notes are delayed by one day, as Netmarble has not given any reason of this delay, but they will be released tomorrow. But I can tell it must be due to any uncertain technical issue, which caused us a one-day delay of 7DS Global patch notes. But today the they will release 7DS Patch Notes. Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross is an amazing game based on the popular anime Seven Deadly Sins.

I know many of you are waited for the 7DS Global Patch Notes. Or if you want to know the leaks in the 7DS Grand Cross patch notes, then keep reading this article. Here in this article, I will share with you some special speculation about the new patch.

In this, I will share with you the new units, new events, new contents, new characters, and more in 7DS Patch Notes. They may come in these new Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross patch notes. We will also discuss the bug fixed in these 7DS patch notes. Without any further delay, let’s start the article.

7DS Grand Cross Patch Notes

What are we going to see in the 7DS Grand Cross patch notes?

The previous 7DS patch notes were released on September 25, 2023, and give some new features and characters as well. I think in this fresh 7DS Global patch notes they will give us new units, new events, new content, and some basic bug fixes such as balance adjustment and UI/UX improvement. I don’t know how much percent I am right, but I think we will get to see some new units, including Ragnarok Meliodas and Ragnarok Estarossa.

7DS Grand Cross Patch Notes

7DS Global Patch Notes Updates:-

Let me tell you what I think they will give in this patch notes. This is the list I think will come in the 7DS Grand Cross patch notes.

New Units:

Ragnarok Meliodas (The One Ultimate): Ragnarok Meliodas have immense power, and they have a new holy attribute attack unit. Most powerful and also able to deal damage to all types of opponents and also inflict every defuffs.

7DS Grand Cross Patch Notes

Ragnarok Estarossa (The One Ultimate): Ragnarok Estarossa, on the other hand, is a tribute to having speed and agility. His ability is to deal demage to the enemies in the row multiple times. He can also inflict every attack and defuff.

New Events:

Ragnarok Festival: The Ragnarok Festival will offer you many challenges, and by completing all the challenges, you will get rewards, which include Ragnarok Meliodas and Ragnarok Estarossa in their exclusive items.

Ragnarok Showdown: This is a new event based on PVP mode in which you can compete against each other using Ragnarok units.

New Content:

Ragnarok Tower: The Ragnarok Tower is included in the new Ragni event, in which you will face difficult enemies, and by completing this challenge, you will get a reward.

Ragnarok Gear: Ragnarok Gear is a new type of gear that gives you a stat boost and unique ability to complete challenges. You can equip it with a regular unit.

7DS Patch Notes: Bug Fixed:-

  • Changes and improvements
  • Balance adjustments to various units
  • UI/UX improvements for the overall game experience.

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