BGMI Highest Kill Record In India – Casetoo Make New World Record!

Did you heard that Casetoo beat BGMI highest kill record in India. He beat the reacord Jonathan by Highest kill in BGMI in India, and set the new high record. Let’s dive into the article and know all about the journey and he become the person hiw hold the Highest kill in BGMI in India. Here in this article we will discuss about the famous Youtubers, when did did start this YouTube journey and how to become famous. So without any further delay let’s start the article.

BGMI highest kill record in india

How Casetoo make BGMI highest kill record in India?

Aditya Sharma aka Casetoo is a famous Indian gaming YouTuber has over 5 million subscribers. He is well-known for his strong gameplay and sniper skills. He broke the BGMI highest kill record in India on September 9, 2023, with 51 kills in a single match.

BGMI highest kill record in india

Casetoo played the match on the Erangel map with a variety of weapons, including the M416, AWM, and Kar98k. He began the match by landing in the Pochinki area and easily killing multiple opponents. He then moved towards the map’s center, where he continued to score kills.

He came up against a squad of four players in the final circle. Then he managed to eliminate them out one by one, eventually winning with 51 kills and make the Highest kill in BGMI in india. Casetoo’s great success was celebrated by both his followers and the BGMI community. It shows his skill and passion as a gamer.

BGMI highest kill record in india

Casetoo’s success shows the growing popularity of BGMI in India. The game has become a cultural phenomenon in the country, with millions of individuals playing it on a daily basis. Casetoo’s record-breaking achievement will undoubtedly inspire more individuals to play the game and aim to break his record of highest kill in BGMI in India.

Who is Aditya Sharma AKA Casetoo?

With over 5 million subscribers, Aditya “Casetoo” Sharma is a renowned Indian gaming YouTuber. He is well-known for his aggressive gameplay and sniper skills. He is also well-known for his funny and informative videos on BGMI-related topics. His videos are not only funny, but also useful. He often gives BGMI player tips and tricks. Casetoo is well-known for his positive attitude. Even when he is losing, he is frequently smiling and having a good time. And he is always willing to help other athletes. On his videos, he usually responds to comments and questions.

BGMI highest kill record in india

Casetoo is a key member of the Indian gaming community. He is a gifted gamer, a good role model, and an amazing performer. Casetoo began playing BGMI in 2020 as he advanced through the ranks to become one of the country’s greatest players. He is a member of the GodLike esports squad and has competed in a number of competitions. Casetoo is well-known in the Indian gaming world. He is well-known for his positive attitude and desire to assist other players. He also serves as a role model for many young gamers.


Just like Casetoo you can also beat the record of BGMI highest kill record in India, if you dedicated to do it. Improve your skills and experience just like Casetoo and you will definitely beat his record of 51 kills.

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