BGMI X KFC Collab: Release Date, Items, Outfits, Rewards & More! #1

BGMI X KFC Collab is coming next month in the battle royale of the game. This is not the first time that BGMI Collab with KFC, PUBG the international version of BGMI collaborate many time in the past. And give players many rewards and in game currencies to them. So in this BGMI X KFC Collaboration they also expecting the same.

Therefore here in this article we will tell you all the information we know about thia latest Collaboration of BGMI X KFC. We will tell you what you can expect to form this BGMI X KFC Collab. What event will gonna happen and many more, so if you are interested then keep reading. Now without any further delay let’s start the article.


BGMI X KFC Collab – Summary Of Collaboration:-

The latest BGMI X KFC Collab is going to happen in October 2023, means next month. The Collaboration will release after the 2.8 update of BGMI, when the pervious update finish. The expectation for this collaboration is very high that in brings many rewards and items in the game. Mainly collaboration offer maiy event, items, weapons skin, character skin and in-game currency also. Players can also expecting KFC-themed events and offers in-game.

As is said earlier, PUBG Mobile, the global version of BGMI, has collaborated with KFC before. In 2020, both companies collaborated to offer a number of KFC-themed items to the game. Including a chicken-themed outfit, a KFC-themed weapon skin, and a KFC-themed parachute skin. Just like the pervious collaboration of BGMI X KFC the give amazing like:

  • KFC-themed outfits and weapon skins
  • KFC-themed parachute skin
  • KFC-themed events and promotions
  • The ability to purchase KFC food items in-game

The BGMI X KFC Collab is an exciting chance for fans of both game to give away their favorite items. It will be interesting to see what in-game items and events will feature in the BGMI X KFC collaboration.


Special Items you can Expect in the BGMI X KFC Collab:-

You can expect any thing you want for this collaboration, but what game have to give you is up to them. We can only expect that our favourite special items available come in the collaboration. So here what I think that will come in the next BGMI X KFC Collab. But please note that, this is just a speculation the confirmation in not of thus items is not announced yet.

KFC-themed outfits: the outfit will be based by the KFC Colonel Sanders mascot. It will likely have a white suit, a black tie, and a red scarf.

KFC-themed weapon skin: The KFC bucket will be the basis for this weapon skin. This will probably be a skin for a M416 assault rifle.

KFC-themed parachute skin: The KFC logo will be the basis for this parachute skin. It will most likely be a skin for the standard parachute.

KFC-themed events and offers: These events and promotions are likely to offer you all a chance to win KFC food items, in-game currency, and other prizes.

The ability to buy KFC meal items in-game: You will be able to use in-game currency to purchase KFC meal items using this ability.



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