BGMI X Hardik Pandya Collab: New Voice Pack & Additional Items!

There are rumour of BGMI X Hardik Pandya Collab in the game. Is show in photo of hardik Pandya skin on BGMI but don’t know if it is real or fake. Because fans can also make the photo. But the talk of this BGMI X Hardik Pandya Collaboration is everywhere. And there also one leak where Hardik Pandya voice leak you introduced in the game. But it is not announced yet.

So here in this article we will discuss all about the BGMI X Hardik Pandya Collab and tell you more detail information of this collaboration. Because many fans of Hardik Pandya are excited to know that he is coming in the game. If you want to know more the keep reading this article, Now without any delay let’s start the article.

BGMI X Hardik Pandya Collab

BGMI X Hardik Pandya Collab – In Detail:-

In BGMI X Hardik Pandya Collab you were able to hear Hardik Pandya’s voice when playing the game, such as when they move into the map, taking damage, or scoring a kill. Fans of Hardik Pandya will be happy by this since it would be an exciting and thrilling feature to the BGMI X Hardik Pandya Collaboration.

But Krafton has not yet officially approved the release of Hardik Pandya’s voice pack. About the BGMI X Hardik Pandya Collab, the company has not made any official statements. It’s possible that the rumors and leaks are false.

Before getting excited about the hope of a voice pack, you must wait for Krafton to make an official announcement of the BGMI X Hardik Pandya Collab. However, if the collaboration occurs, it will be an great for BGMI and is sure to boost the game’s popularity in India.

BGMI X Hardik Pandya Collab

BGMI X Hardik Pandya Collab – Voice Pack:-

Here are some more details information about the Hardik Pandya voice pack:

  • It is believed to be a basic voice pack, which means it will be available for purchase by all players.
  • It’s supposed to have a range of speech lines, such as those for entering the map, taking damage, killing someone, and so on.
  • The price of the voice pack has yet to be announced.

BGMI X Hardik Pandya Collab

BGMI X Hardik Pandya Collab – Additional Items:-

There is not an official announcement of whether additional items or skins would be released as part of the BGMI X Hardik Pandya Collaboration. Other items, such as an outfit or a weapon skin, could, yet, be released.

Other items or skins have not been mentioned in the leaks and rumors that have released online. However, Krafton may be keeping these information under secret until the deal is officially disclosed.

Additional items or skins are likely to be themed after Hardik Pandya or cricket if they are available. This may include an outfit like Pandya’s cricket jersey or a weapon skin with the Indian flag on it.

Krafton may possibly create a special event or challenge as part of the collaboration. This could allow you to get exclusive rewards like the voice pack or other stuff.


In the end, it is too early to guess what other goods or skins may be offered as part of the BGMI and Hardik Pandya collaboration. However, extra content is likely to be released, and fans should stay tuned for even more information.

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