Teal mask side quests – Walkthrough guide to complete it! #2

Teal Mask Side Quests: Teal Mask DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet brings a new set of side missions for players to complete. These teal mask side quests are a variety of challenges and rewards and may help players in explore the new location to find out more about its history and culture.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the Teal Mask side quests. We’ll go through the rewards they offer, the challenges they present, and how players may complete them. We will also share some tips and ways to help players in making the most of these Pokemon teal mask side quests.

Teal mask side quests

Teal mask side quests walkthrough guide:-

The Teal Mask side missions are a great way for adding to your Pokemon Scarlet and Violet experience. They are also an excellent approach to become connected with the new area and its people. Check out the Teal Mask side missions if you’re looking for for something fresh to do in the game.

Teal mask side quests

The Perrin Side Quest: 

Begin this quest by talking with Perrin, a photographer, in Mossui Town. She will request that you photograph her. She will then challenge you to a Pokemon battle if you do so. Here are the stey to do it.

  • Talk with Perrin at Mossui Town.
  • Take a picture of her.
  • Battle her Pokemon team.
  • She will gift you a Hisuian Growlithe if you win.

Teal mask side quests

The Bloodmoon Ursaluna Side Quest:

You can start this quest after capturing 150 different Pokemon in the Kitakami Pokedex. You will then need to speak with Perrin once more. She’ll explain you about the Bloodmoon Beast, a rare Pokemon which can only be found at night during a blood moon in the Timeless Woods. To complete this Teal mask side quests, you must photograph ten different Pokemon in the Timeless Woods during a blood moon.

  • Talk to Perrin again.
  • She will guide you of the Bloodmoon Beast.
  • Visit the Timeless Woods at night when there is a blood moon.
  • Take ten photos of various Pokemon in the Timeless Woods.
  • Show the photographs to Perrin once more.

Teal mask side quests

The Nemona’s Parents Side Quest:

This is a difficult side Teal mask side quests to complete. It all starts with talking with a group of Glitterati trainers in Mossui Town. They’ll tell you about Nemona’s parents, who are Glitterati trainers as well. To complete this Pokemon teal mask side quests, you must find and battle all of Nemona’s parents. The steps are as follows:

  • In Mossui Town, speak with the Glitterati trainers.
  • They will guide you of Nemona’s parents.
  • Find and fight all of Nemona’s parents.
  • The last parent you fight will reward you.

In addition to the Pokemon teal mask side quests, the Teal Mask DLC offers a variety of other activities. You can travel to a new region, battle new Pokemon, and finish the new Pokedex. You can also take part in new activities like Tera Raid Battles and photographic challenges.


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