High Cloud Quintet Honkai Star Rail Latest 2023

Visitors can now visit the Belobog History and Culture Museum. The limited-time High Cloud Quintet Honkai Star Rail Ledger of Curiosities Quintet transports you to the ice planet Jarilo-VI, where you will have the opportunity to administer the museum. To assist you in restoring the Belobog Museum to its former grandeur, here is a complete High Cloud Quintet Honkai Star Rail Ledger of Curiosities Quintet guide. 

High Cloud Quintet Honkai Star Rail

Reconnect with Pela, then proceed to the Goethe Grand Hotel to inspect the luggage. Return to the Belobog Museum of History and Culture to return the Meteor Fragment and complete the Adventure Mission Opportunity Makes the Thief. You have two options for improving the parameters: employ a better helper or update the exhibition space. To begin, select replace’ from the assistants’ menu.

High Cloud Quintet Honkai Star Rail

You may either alter the assistants you’ve already recruited, or you can click staff recruiting’ to see prospective new hires. Be aware that each helper has a unique set of metrics. In version 1.1, the High Cloud Quintet Honkai Star Rail Ledger of Curiosities Quintet was added. It opens on June 9th and runs for more than two weeks. Here are the precise beginning and ending times.

For example, if you have a lot of educational value but not enough tour time, having an assistant with a lot of tour duration but little educational value would be ideal. Complete each Quintet objective to obtain the goodies listed below.

  • Resin for Self-Modeling
  • Tracks of Fate
  • Jade of the Stars
  • The Traveler’s Handbook
  • Aether that has been refined
  • Crystal was misplaced.
  • Credits

High Cloud Quintet Honkai Star Rail Overview

A Trailblaze Level of 21 or above is required to participate in the High Cloud Quintet Honkai Star Rail. You must also have completed the Jarilo-VI Silent Galaxy Trailblaze Mission. The Adventure Quest Opportunity Makes the Thief kicks off the Rail Museum Quintet. After completing this mission, the main Quintet, the Museum Management game, becomes available. Contact Eris, the Belobog Museum of Culture and History’s receptionist, to gain access to the Museum Management Quintet page.  

Meet Pela in the Jarilo-VI Administrative District. Follow her to the vacant display after she leads you to the Belobog Museum of History and Culture. Pela will explain that it formerly held a Meteor Fragment, which was reportedly taken. Your next goal is to assist Pela in locating the perpetrator. This will initiate a fight against a swarm of normal automatons.

The mission will lead you to the Great Mine, where you must chat with an NPC named Swetta before discovering three clues. Listen to the two close youngsters for the first one. Follow the way to the west and look for the poster on the left side of the road for the second clue. Approach the two robots near to the teleport in the northwest for the third clue. 

High Cloud Quintet Honkai Star Rail Latest 2023

High Cloud Quintet Honkai Star Rail Management

Speak with Eris, the museum’s receptionist, to get access to the Museum Management gameplay page. She will display your RevitaScore, which reflects how effectively the museum is run. Of course, a higher Revita Score equals bigger benefits, so we want to boost it as much as we can. To begin, click the Museum Management option. In the top right corner of the Museum Management page, you can view your current Revita Score. Pay close attention to the three variables.

  • Duration of the tour
  • Educational worth
  • Attractiveness to visitors 

A red or orange bar and a white marking accompany each group. The red/orange bar represents the amount of value the museum obtains from your current measures, while the white marker represents the minimum value necessary to receive a maximum value. 

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