Letter from A Strange Woman Honkai Star Rail Quest Guide

Letter from A Strange Woman Honkai Star Rail: With the version 1.2 release HoyoVerse announces an important special character name Kafka. It is one of the most important characters in the game because when the player starts the game player will be able to play with kafka sometime. She is a beautiful and dangerous woman, and the whole quest revolves regarding her.

Letter from a strange woman Honkai Star Rail: How to get?

By completing A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocen Disant quest player can easily ger Kafka companion Mission. This is part of TRilblaze Mission series, Topcloud Towerthrust.

Latter from a strange woman is a companion Mission from Kafka in Honkai player can get many rewards from it by completing the quest. Players have to reach trailblaze level 34 or above to get the quest.

And the player must have to reply all the massage from Kafka to get the Letter from A Strange Woman Honkai Star Rail. Kfka will tell the player that she needs our help by answering player’s unlock strange woman companion mission.

Letter from a strange woman Honkai Star Rail

Letter from a strange woman Honkai Star Rail:-Walkthrough

Kfka ask the traveler to help her to suppressing BLADE(a character from honkai and Kafka’s companion) Mara. They play a game of truths and lies, where the player gets the answer that only Kafka has

Letter from a strange woman Honkai: Star RailWalkthrough

  1. Talk to kafka
  2. take out roaming enemies
  3. Answer Kafka’s first question
  4. Tkeout cloud knight
  5. Ask Kafka your question
  6. Fight enemies to prevent battle
  7. Answer Kafka’s 2nd question
  8. Ask Kafka your last question
  9. Fight: Yanqing the cloud knight Lieutenant
  10. Talk Kafka and blade

Letter from a strange woman Honkai Star Rail commission

After answering the massage head to the commission and talk to her here you can get two choices that can choose from. These choices can affect the companion mission and how to play out.

If you decide to help her she will ask you to take out all the enemies roaming near Blade.

Letter from a strange woman Honkai: Star Rail

Take out enemies

After listening to Kafka, you will see 2 enemies roaming nearby you have to kill them all to get to the next stage. By finish them go to her and she will ask you a question of truths and lies.

Answer question

Kafka will ask you a question you have to answer her. pic any option because this will not affect in-game.

once you are done she will ask you to get raid all the cloud knights nearby. Talk to cloud knight nearby try to persuade them or take them out so you will get to the next stage. It is a short battle between you and the knights.

After finishing you will go to her and continue the game.

Ask Kafka question

After taking out enemies you get to ask her question to get the answer you will choose any question on the screen and she has to give an answer. After this, Kafka will give you two options 1. takeout enemies and 2. Prevent the battle from happening.

Preventing is optional but fighting enemies is faster. if you fight enemies go back to Kafka and talk to her. If to choose to prevent battle you will have to solve the puzzle.

Answer Kafka's question and ask her your last question

After the battle, Kafka will ask you another question, and you have to answer it. You have to choose any option on the screen you like.

After this you have to ask Kafka your last question there are many answers popping out on your screen you have to choose what you like. By answering them suddenly Yanquing will appear on the field and he tried to arrest her, you have to fight Yanquing so that you prevent her arrest.

The fight is pretty simple like a trailblaze mission, you have to destroy his sword and damage his toughness bar to finish him.

Talk with Blade and Kafka: after the fight talk to them this will mark the commission complete.

Letter from a strange woman Honkai Star Rail:- Rewards

There are many rewards but for “Letter from A Strange Woman Honkai Star Rail” possibles are:

  • Trailblaze exp*300
  • Stellar jade*100
  • Traveler’s guide*6
  • Lost Crystal*6
  • Obsidian of Desolation*6
  • Hunter’s Intution*1
  • Cradit*60000

Additionally, you will get another achievement for completing the Letter from A Strange Woman Honkai Star Rail quest.


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